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Clean and store your hearing protection

To be able to enjoy your Alpine products for as long as possible, we have various accessories with which you can extend the life span of your hearing protectors. For example, reduce the risk of loss with one of our storage accessories. Additionally, we also have so-called in-ear products for the ultimate musical experience and sleeping masks for an even more relaxed night.


When you regularly clean your hearing protection and your ears, you extend the life span of your hearing protection products. The earplugs, both universal and custom, can easily be cleaned with disinfectant Alpine Clean cleaning spray. After spraying the hearing protectors with Alpine Clean, most bacteria and viruses are killed within a few minutes. Your earplugs of course get dirty less quickly if you have clean ears. Alpine Ear Spray allows you to easily and quickly give your ears an intense cleaning. The mild formula of the spray contributes to a healthy ear canal and prevents clogged ears.


Earplugs are small, which means they are easy to lose. To prevent this, we have various storage accessories especially for hearing protectors. These include storage bags and storage tubes, which you can even attach to your keychain. This means you always have a set of earplugs at hand. With the Alpine Cord, you also won’t lose your earplugs when they fall out of your ears.