3 tips and tricks to enjoy your earplugs even longer Alpine

We can imagine you would like to enjoy using your Alpine earplugs for as long as possible. Earplugs have a certain lifespan, but you can enjoy them for a longer period of time by paying attention to a few things. In this blog, we will explain how you can extend your earplugs’ lifespan.

Average lifespan earplugs

All Alpine universal filter earplugs can be used about a 100 times on average. We indicate the earplugs’ lifespan on average, because this depends on a few factors. Examples are the amount of earwax production and how (well/often) you clean the earplugs. Nevertheless, there are a few simple things you can do yourself to be able to enjoy your earplugs for a longer period of time than the average given lifespan.

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Tip 1 | Regularly clean your earplugs

The first tip: regularly clean your earplugs. It might sound quite logical, but many people often forget to do so. Still, it’s really important to freshen up your earplugs on a regular basis. All Alpine universal filter earplugs can be easily cleaned with the disinfecting Alpine Clean cleaning spray or water and soap. Afterwards, thoroughly dry the earplugs off with a clean cloth or tissue. You can directly use the earplugs again after cleaning them.

Tip 2 | Keep your earplugs free of earwax

Logically, your earplugs will get dirty less quickly when your ears are clean. Al healthy ears contain some earwax, but there are also people whose ears produce an excessive amount of earwax. This often results in clogged ears, which makes cleaning your ears a hard and uncomfortable job. Maybe you even have to go to the doctor’s to have it syringed out. But did you know that with the Alpine Ear Spray, you can give your ears a thorough clean in the comfort of your own home? This isn’t only beneficial for the lifespan of your earplugs, but also for your ears themselves. The ear spray’s mild formula contributes to a healthy hearing canal. Are you one of those people who regularly have to syringe out their ears? By using the Alpine Ear Spray, your ears will become clogged less quickly in the future.

Tip 3 | Safely store away your earplugs

Our last advice to be able to enjoy your earplugs for a longer period of time: don’t lose them! Earplugs are small and you probably use them in an environment with little to no light, or in situations where you can easily lose them. Luckily, there are several accessories with which you can substantially lower the risk of losing your earplugs. For example, there are different storage pouches specially made for earplugs. The Alpine Miniboxx and the Alpine Travelbox de luxe can be easily attached to your key-chain. That way your earplugs are stored away safely and you will always have them at hand. Are you afraid you might lose the earplugs while wearing them? You can simply avoid this by using the Alpine carrying cord, specially made for earplugs.
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