Earplugs for babies? Hearing protection necessary! Alpine

In case of a normal pregnancy, most parents have had to wait about 40 weeks to welcome their little wonder. The second it is born, life immediately changes. Out of the blue, you are a mom or a dad! Don’t waste a second and enjoy those beautiful moments with your baby, because time flies. Of course, you want to give your little one the best possible care, and hearing protection is a great example of that.

Protecting babies against noise

There will be countless of wonderful moments as your baby grows and develops. From first words and steps, until fun trips with the little one. Daily life doesn’t stop, so birthdays, anniversaries, concerts or other occasions will still be attended with the little once. In general, there will be a lot of noise here, meaning that it would be wise to protect the baby’s hearing. Since one out of eight children’s has a hearing loss, protection can’t begin soon enough.

Earmuffs instead of earplugs

When we say babies, we mean a child aged 0 to 1. Babies are extremely vulnerable, due to which the use of earplugs in babies is not recommended. Their hearing canal is extremely narrow and small, plus, there is a risk of the baby suffocating when the earplug falls out of their ear and ends up in their mouth. Earplugs can fall out, earmuffs however are specially made for babies. These hearing protectors are perfect for when you want to bring your baby to a noisy location.

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