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Big events, attracting thousands of people, who all have one common goal: enjoying themselves and having a great day! I can hear you think it: ‘festivals’. Outdoor delight, a nice drink and let the sun do the rest. Of course, there is more to big events than just festivals. What about international fairs, concerts and soccer matches? When crowds of this magnitude gather, it tends to get noisy and – as you can imagine – that may lead to hearing loss.

Hearing-loss hazard

You’ve probably experienced it before, going to a big event, losing yourself in the crowd. Your senses are stimulated and you become one with your surroundings. In a soccer match for instance, when we all cheer en masse, or during a concert, where everyone sings along. Unfortunately, attending these kinds of events often pose a hearing-loss hazard.

Noise record: 137,6 dB

If we compare the British events with events in other countries, such as sports matches like ice hockey, baseball or American Football, it’s easy to conclude that it can always be bigger, more spectacular and louder. New world records are frequently set when it concerns the loudest, most noisy stadiums. These records are included in the Guinness Book of Records. The current world record for the loudest audience in history, are the fans of the Seattle Seahawks, an American football team from Seattle, Washington. The fans cheered so loud that this led to 137,6 Decibel. This is comparable to a small earthquake, so that can hardly be called subtle.

Prevent hearing loss

Dr. Tim Rindlisbacher, director of ´Sports health in Cleveland Clinic in Toronto’, states the following: “Each time your ears have been ringing, that is evidence of hearing loss. There’s no recovery mechanism in place for the death of those inner ear cells. Hearing protection would be a really smart idea.” What this means, is that hearing loss is an irreversible process, and that issues with tinnitus can be prevented by using hearing protection.

“At a loud event, preventing hearing loss can be as simple as properly wearing earplugs or protective earmuffs.” says Healthhaim. The message is loud and clear: use earplugs. For adults, the PartyPlug earplugs are available, and for children, there are colorful earmuffs or earplugs.

Source: Healthaim, CBC and NPR


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