Hearing loss healed: the magic of a chicken Alpine

Cluck, cluck, awwww, such a cute chick! It starts out as a cute and small chick and then turns in to a big chicken. This chicken, and with that, of course I also mean all other chickens across the globe, has a special gift. Because a chicken is able to heal its hearing loss. This knowledge has inspired an American non-profit organization to market medicine within a timeframe of 10 years, that will be able to cure hearing loss.

The healing of hearing loss

Of course, this news is a great thing for people who suffer from hearing loss. Life with tinnitus is far from easy, so the fact that a medicine is in development, even if it takes 10 years, is a great perspective. The Hearing Health Foundation is to live up to this promise, with the support of the best scientists of Harvard and other excellent institutes. And the mascot? What else could that be than a cute chick. In 30 seconds, the video below you will explain why salvation is around the corner.

Source: Hearing Health Foundation and HealtlineNews

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