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Noise-induced hearing damage is still a common problem in the construction sector. One in five construction workers suffers from hearing damage and noise-induced hearing loss has been found in 13 percent of the workers. You also risk hearing loss when working at home if you fail to take measures. DIY projects produce more decibels than you might expect. Check out the list with 10 tools for jobs in your home and garden below.

Standard safety equipment

Is hearing protection part of your standard safety equipment when doing DIY jobs? This is recommended since once you notice your hearing loss, it is already too late. The damage is irreversible. Fortunately, you can buy good and comfortable hearing protection.

What DIY jobs are risky?

The danger of noise-induced hearing loss starts at 80 dB(A). You risk hearing loss after being exposed to this noise level for 8 hours. This safe duration is halved with every additional 3 decibels. Sanding a door or window frame with a sander produces around 95 dB(A). The cillia in your inner ear are damaged after 15 minutes at this noise level. You often fail to notice this damage straight away. But when you start to notice the damage, it has become irreversible. The list below shows when a job becomes dangerous.

What hearing protection for DIY jobs?

Alpine WorkSafe earplugs are specially made for DIY jobs. Thanks to the filters, the warning sounds and conversations are still sufficiently audible. The earplugs have a longer stem so you can place and remove them easily. They come with a strap by default so you can wear them around your neck when removing them. The material adapts to the ear canal thanks to body warmth. This ensures that you are well protected. The material does not contain any silicones that can irritate the skin. The earplugs are so soft and supple that they can be worn comfortable in your ears throughout the day.

ToolSound levelRisk of hearing damage within
Lawnmower85 dB2 hours
Handsaw85 dB2 hours
Drill95 dB15 minutes
Belt sander95 dB15 minutes
Grinder98 dB5-10 minutes
Pressure washer108 dBImmediate
Electric saw110 dBImmediate
Leaf blower110 dBImmediate
Chainsaw120 dBImmediate
Hammer on nail120 dBImmediate
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