The perfect sleeping position in order to sleep better Alpine

Today is all about sleeping and the best sleeping position. Are you someone who can spend hours in bed to get some extra hours of sleep? Or are 5-6 hours of sleep enough from you. The number of hours of sleep someone requires for a good night’s sleep is extremely personal. Whereas some people really need 8 hours or more to be fresh the next day, others benefit from less hours of sleep. In addition to how many hours of sleep you enjoy, your position is extremely important as well. Because what is the perfect sleeping position?

Stomach sleeper or fetal position

Regardless of in what bed you sleep, whether it is a wonderful box spring or a semi saggy double bed on vacation, you usually automatically assume the same sleeping position. Personally, I am a typical side sleeper and I like to assume the fetal position. Some sleeping positions in bed may have consequences for your sleep and physical condition. For instance, back pain, or pain in the shoulders or neck. In addition to the sleeping position, the pillow and the mattress are also important for a good night’s sleep. It is extremely difficult to change sleeping positions, because it’s something that you’ve grown used to. But if you can prevent physical complaints by changing your sleeping position, it is definitely worth a try, right?

The best sleeping position

A lot has been written about the alleged fact that is it bad to sleep on your stomach or that you might snore a lot if you sleep on your back. There is no such thing as a perfect position, since sleeping is a very personal thing. The infographic below paints a beautiful picture of what you can change about your sleeping position if you have certain complaints.

There may be situations – for people with children – in which one or more children end up in the parents’ bed. These images show in a very funny way that this can sometimes lead to the strangest positions.


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