Earplugs for DIY

Hearing protector for the professional and hobbyist

We do lot of work in the house, in the garden, on the boat or in construction as a self-employed entrepreneur. Of course, we do this safely with personal protection gear such as work gloves, sturdy shoes and safety glasses. It’s even safer to use earplugs. Drilling a hole in the wall easily reaches 110 decibels of sound. This loud noise can cause permanent hearing damage within five minutes.

Hearing protection for the DIY enthusiast

In the Netherlands, we have a number of laws to prevent employees from developing hearing damage. Machines cannot produce more than 80 decibels of noise. And as an employer you’re required to provide your employees with hearing protection if they are exposed to 80 decibels or more. For DIY work, the same rules obviously don’t apply. However, it is advisable to wear good hearing protection for this type of work as well. Permanent hearing damage doesn’t develop instantly but builds up slowly. Before you know it, conversations are harder to follow, or you subconsciously keep turning up the sound on the television.

Universal earplugs for DIY work

WorkSafe earplugs have a special acoustic filter which offers extra heavy attenuation. This reduces all the harmful noise produced by tools to a safe level, in which you can work safely for up to eight hours. Your fellow handymen remain audible and you can also still hear safety noises. The universal WorkSafe earplugs have an elongated handled, making them easy to remove from your ears. 

Foam earplugs for DIY work

Finally, there are so-called foam earplugs for DIY work. These earplugs are made of a pleasant material and therefore have a comfortable fit. Foam earplugs allow you to protect your hearing during DIY work in an easy and affordable way. However, these earplugs are not reusable and completely close the ear canal, which makes conversations harder to follow than with filter earplugs and custom DIY earplugs.

Earplugs for DIY