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I am experiencing some problems with the fit or attenuation of my product. What do I do now?

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Our earplugs are universal products which form is based on the mould of an average ear. Because the earplugs are made from thermoplastic material, they adapt easily to the shape of the ear canal. That’s why they fit almost everyone and effectively reduce noises. Nonetheless, each ear canal is different. The ear canal can be a bit smaller or bigger than average.

Do the earplugs go very deep into the ear canal and is it difficult to take them out?
It seems that you may have a larger ear canal. It that case we would recommend custom made earplugs, which you can purchase at a local hearing care professional.

Are you having difficulties inserting the earplugs and do they tend to fall out?

Then you probably have a relatively smaller ear canal. It that case we would recommend using the Alpine Pluggies Kids or custom made earplugs.

Did you expect more noise attenuation from the earplugs? The cause could be one of the reasons mentioned above. It could also be that your hearing is more sensitive to noise than others. In that case we would recommend you to choose one of our earplugs with a higher attenuation level. You can find an overview of the attenuation level per product below. Please note that not every product is suitable for any usage purpose.


Product Attenuation Usage purpose
Alpine SwimSafe 10dB Swimming
Alpine MusicSafe Pro White filter = 14dB     silver filter = 17dB     Gold filter = 18dB Playing/making music
Alpine MusicSafe Classic Silver filter = 17dB    Gold filter = 18dB Playing/making music
Alpine FlyFit 17dB Flying
Alpine MotoSafe Tour 17dB Motorcycling
Alpine PartyPlug 19dB Going out, concerts and festivals
Alpine MotoSafe Race 20dB Motorcycling
Alpine MotoSafe Pro Black filter = 17dB    Red filter = 20dB Motorcycling
Alpine PartyPlug Pro Natural 21dB Going out, concerts and festivals
Alpine WorkSafe 23dB DIY, open offices
Alpine SleepSoft 25dB Sleeping, studying
Alpine Pluggies Kids 25dB Concentration at school, swimming, flying and listening to music