The attenuation level differs among our products. Below you can find an overview of the different attenuation levels per product.

ProductAttenuationUsage purpose
Alpine SwimSafe10dBSwimming
Alpine MusicSafe ProWhite filter = 14dB     Silver filter = 17dB     Gold filter = 18dBPlaying/making music
Alpine MusicSafe ClassicSilver filter = 17dB    Gold filter = 18dBPlaying/making music
Alpine FlyFit17dBFlying
Alpine MotoSafe Tour17dBMotorcycling
Alpine PartyPlug19dBGoing out, concerts and festivals
Alpine MotoSafe Race20dBMotorcycling
Alpine MotoSafe ProBlack filter = 17dB    Red filter = 20dBMotorcycling
Alpine PartyPlug Pro Natural21dBGoing out, concerts and festivals
Alpine WorkSafe23dBDIY, open offices
Alpine SleepSoft25dBSleeping, studying
Alpine Pluggies Kids25dBConcentration at school, swimming, flying and listening to music