Difference between hearing protection, earmuffs & headphones

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Earplugs are generally well known, but does this also apply to earmuffs? Earmuffs are, quite simply, muffs that cover your ears. But there are many variations and differences in earmuffs, such as ear muffs for the construction industry or headphones for listening to music. This is why this blog will be entirely devoted to the differences between hearing protection, earmuffs and headphones.

Types of earmuffs

Ever heard of earmuffs? No? That is not surprising, because it does sound a little strange. The term earmuff actually leaves nothing to the imagination, because it simply describes muffs that cover your ears.

  • Hearing protection

The first thing you will think of are the earmuffs, the hearing protection, used in the construction industry. Those are the big things that most construction workers wear on their helmet or are even automatically attached to it. This form of hearing protection is also very popular in the shooting sport.

  • Headphones

Earmuffs look a lot like headphones. A lovely big headphone, but in most cases, it also plays music. Previously, it always included a wire to plug into your music player, but today there are numerous wireless headphones for sale. This is of course ideal. Colourful varieties, such as the beautiful jewels of Beats by Dr. Dre, are the real eye-catchers where you want to be seen with.

  • Earmuffs

The term is earmuffs still being frequently sought, but often in conjunction with the words: children, kids or babies. Otherwise, it will result in those fluffy earmuffs for in the winter, which is obviously not what you are looking for. Earmuffs are perfect for children and babies to protect them against noise. Alpine has developed special earmuffs for children, called the Alpine Muffy.

The differences

Earmuffs are really good hearing protection to protect against potential hearing damage. Basically, earmuffs are the same as hearing protection; only the term hearing protections is used in construction and shooting sports to refer to earmuffs. Earmuffs look like headphones, which is why you will often search for headphones while you mean earmuffs. Some earmuffs are equipped with an AM/FM radio, which kills two birds with one stone.