Ear Plugs for kids when flying

Greater peace and quiet in the aircraft

Ear plugs for kids when flying

Going on a flight with small children means considerable preparation. Is the favourite cuddly toy in with the hand luggage?  Are there enough toys to hand? And do we have enough sweeties for the long journey?  As far as we are concerned, you also make sure to have good hearing protection for your baby or toddler. Good hearing protection makes the flight that bit more pleasant.

Our Pluggies Kids are made specially for children. They muffle the heavy drone of the aircraft engine. As well as this, they prevent your child from getting an earache when the plane is taking off or landing. Thanks to the clever design of our hearing protection, your child does not experience a sense of being shut off and you can continue to talk with him or her as normal.

Our children’s hearing protection is made from soft material. They fit comfortably into the ear because they shape themselves to fit your child’s auditory canal. With our Pluggies Kids, you and your little ones are ready for an uneventful and relaxed flight. And if you yourself also want to relax during the flight, use our FlyFit earplugs.

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Ear plugs for kids when flying