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Five reasons why you cannot do without earplugs in December

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Are you already in the possession of a pair of earplugs with the right filter? You really cannot do without in December. Not only the so-bad-they’re-good Christmas hits can hurt your ears. Your hearing is exposed to annoying and even harmful sounds in many situations around the end of the year. Luckily, Alpine hearing protectors are there for you to ensure you can start the new year relaxed and without any ringing in your ears.

Hearing protection is indispensable around the end of the year. For both young and old. Five reasons to get some Alpine earplugs before the merry holidays begin:

#1 No lasting Jingle Bells in your ears

Christmas drinks, galas, and receptions: December revolves around parties. A. Lot. Of. Parties. ‘The most wonderful time of the year’ is also the noisiest one. Since having Jingle Bells in your ears is only fun during the holidays, we recommend properly protecting your hearing. Filter earplugs, like the Alpine PartyPlug, also make the party even more fun. The special filters reduce the noise to a safe level, but the music experience remains the same. Just like the music, conversations can also still be heard properly.

#2 Uninterrupted hibernation

All the cosy bustle during the holidays is fun, but you also want to get some rest during your holidays. A lot of people have an easier time sleeping when wearing sleeping earplugs. Alpine SleepSoft earplugs attenuate annoying, disruptive environmental noises. Mariah Carey and Wham! will tone down their performance a bit to ensure you can hibernate without interruptions.

#3 An original Christmas gift

Are you still looking for an original gift? Alpine offers hearing protection for any situation! Surely you know someone who visits a lot of festivals, who drives a motorbike, or who plays a musical instrument. Alpine has developed the perfect earplug for all these activities. Not only is it an original gift, but you also make someone’s night out, motor ride, or musical hobby a lot more pleasant.

#4 Closing off the year with a bang

We close off the year with a bang on December 31st. But be careful with your hearing. People suffer permanent hearing damage from fireworks each year. One bang can be enough. Fireworks can easily cause noise of up to 120 decibel. Illegal fireworks can even reach 170 decibel! For comparison: yelling in someone’s ears is about 110 decibel, and a nearby jet is 135 decibel. Stay as far away from fireworks as possible and wear hearing protection.

#5 It also makes your kids happy

Young ears are extra vulnerable. They can also be properly protected using special earplugs or earmuffs for children. Not just at New Year’s Eve or Christmas parties with loud music. Hearing protection also offers peace and quiet in busy shopping streets (when purchasing Christmas presents). Your little one will sleep peacefully through all the “Ho Ho Hos” and ringing bells.

Also useful in 2020

Hearing protection is not only indispensable in December. The Alpine filter earplugs can be used over a hundred times. Which means you will still be enjoying them in the new year. And you will see that you will need them more often than you expected. Visiting the pub, a concert, a festival, a parade, or an event: earplugs will also come in very useful in 2020!