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Why and when is hearing protection important for children?

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Baby’s and children’s ears are extra sensitive to sound. However, they regularly (unwittingly) encounter loud noise at events such as parties, matches and parades. Therefore, ENT specialists are warning of the increasing number of very young children suffering hearing damage as a result of this. Of course, it’s a good idea to avoid loud noise as much as possible. This isn’t always possible, and fortunately, also unnecessary. Alpine offers outstanding protection for your kids’ hearing with various multifunctional hearing protectors.

Did you know that:

● 1 in 8 children have permanent hearing damage?
● Children are extra sensitive to sound and therefore suffer hearing damage more quickly?
● According to the World Health Organization, exposure to loud noise is one of the most common causes of hearing damage
● Noise can overstrain young children leading to stress and sleeping problems?
● 95% of children sometimes suffer from an ear infection?
● Many children suffer from concentration problems at school due to overstimulation, and therefore perform less well?
● Children are often unintentionally exposed to excessively loud noise during live concerts, fairs, parades, fireworks and children’s concerts?

Hearing damage – how loud is too loud?

You don’t always realise it, but children are exposed to loud noises more than you think. Noise with a volume of 80 decibels (for example, a busy road), causes hearing damage if you are exposed to it for more than eight hours. Every additional three decibel cuts the time you can be exposed to it safely in half. Noise with a volume above 110 dB can even cause immediate hearing damage. An electric drill can often easily surpass this limit, and the noise of fireworks can even reach 150 dB. Children’s ears are still fully in development and are therefore extra sensitive to these types of loud noises. Alpine hearing protectors, including earmuffs and earplugs, attenuate loud and harmful noise and are a real must-have during concerts, parties, festivals, parades, sports events, construction work, fireworks shows, and motor(cycle) races.

“Hearing protection is important. After all, your ears have to last a lifetime.” – (ENT specialist Jan van der Borden BovenIJ Hospital Amsterdam)

Earmuffs and earplugs: multifunctional

Hearing protection doesn’t only prevent hearing damage; it can be useful in various situations. Baby earmuffs offer peace and quiet and stimulate undisturbed sleep in noisy situations. Earmuffs and earplugs for older children help them to concentrate while studying or reading, both at home and at school. Children who suffer from overstimulation can also benefit from wearing hearing protection. Alpine Pluggies Kids earplugs have a special acoustic filter to prevent feeling isolated and can also be used for swimming and flying.

● A number of potential advantages of hearing protection:
● Improve concentration at home and at school;
● Help with oversensitivity to sound;
● Reduce the unpleasant pressure on one’s eardrums while flying;
● Are handy for on the road (car, bus or train);
● Keep water out of the ear canal while swimming;
● Provide peace and quiet while sleeping;
● Protect the little one’s hearing and reduce stress in an MRI scanner, which can produce up to 130 dB of sound.

Trendy hearing protection for all ages

Alpine offers hearing protection for all ages. Both the earmuffs for both babies and the earmuffs for older children are very comfortable thanks to the soft foam on the inside. Additionally, they’re easy to put on, easy to clean and adjustable. This means the earmuffs always fit your child’s head perfectly.

Protecting your child’s hearing is of course the most important thing, but on top of that Alpine hearing protectors also look trendy. The earmuffs are available in different colours. For children above 3 years of age, earplugs are also an option. Alpine Pluggies Kids are made of special soft and silicon-free material which shapes itself to the ear canal. The earplugs can be used more than 100 times.

Alpine Muffy Baby earmuffs | for babies and toddlers up to 36 months

● Protect against loud noises, overstimulation and help undisturbed sleep on the road
● Very comfortable and easy to adjust: always fit!
● Elastic washable headband, doesn’t apply any pressure
● The only safe CE-marked baby earmuff

Alpine Muffy earmuffs | for children above 2 years of age

● Very comfortable thanks to soft headband
● Adjustable, always fit and last for years
● Foldable and easy to clean
● Robust and durable

Alpine Pluggies Kids earplugs | for children from 3 to 12 years of age

● Multifunctional, prevent hearing damage
● Surroundings remain audible thanks to special filter
● Can be used over 100 times
● Very comfortable, easy to insert and silicon-free