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Earplugs for at the Cinema

An unforgettable movie experience

With over 30 million cinema visits a year, the Netherlands has a large number of movie fanatics. And whether it concerns an art house film, a true American blockbuster or the latest family film, going to the cinema will always be a treat. It was like that with the first silent movie with Charlie Chaplin or Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy and it is still like that with movies in 3D and overwhelming Dolby Surround sounds.

At Alpine, we have seasoned movie fanatics who frequently go to the cinema. But not just with popcorn and coke, but also with the right earplugs. Because, with action movies in particular, the sounds in the theatre can be as loud as well above 100 decibel. At the movie ‘Inception’ a staggering 118 decibel was even measured. If that happens, sound turns into a painful experience with a big risk of tinnitus, headaches and sometimes even permanent hearing loss. And that can’t be the intention of a fun night out.

The hearing protection of Alpine keeps you safe at all times in the cinema, even at explosive blockbusters that make your kidneys tremble. No matter the playtime of the movie, you’ll enjoy every minute of it, even long after the movie has ended.