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Earplugs for concerts

Even the artist wears hearing protection

The tension rises shortly before each concert. The support act is finished, the roadies are busy changing the set and in a few minutes your favourite band will take to the stage. You’ve been looking forward to this for months. The concert begins and you are standing in the front enjoying the music. The question is for how long. In more and more concerts, the music decibel levels quickly exceed 90.  And this can damage your hearing.

Musicians have known for a long time that excessively loud noise can damage the hearing. Hence, more and more musicians wear earplugs during a concert.  They know that the level of sound above 80 can be harmful. Alpine developed the MusicSafe with musicians. For regular concert-goers, we have the special PartyPlugs, which are earplugs that filter away harmful sound only. You can still hear the music and its quality, but at a level that is safe for your ears.Our PartyPlugs are made from a transparent thermoplastic material. Because of this, they are barely visible in your ear and are extremely comfortable. The special filters muffle only the harmful, excessively loud noises. You can still enjoy the music of your favourite band. If you want to continue enjoying concerts for many years, use our PartyPlugs.