Earplugs for festivals

Protect your hearing during those wonderful summer days

As a festivalgoer you have only one reason for going to festivals: enjoying! Especially your favourite music of course. Fantastic! But don’t forget to protect your hearing. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy much more good live music in the future without an annoying ring in your ears. You can read here about what to take into account when buying earplugs at festivals.


Wearing hearing protection at a festival is no unnecessary luxury. In fact, you can call it a must for maintaining your hearing. The music and environmental noise consistently exceed the danger zone of 80 decibels. This means that you can suffer permanent hearing damage in no time if you don’t take any measures. And the last thing you want is to become deaf or hard of hearing! Nobody wants a permanent ring either. That’s why you should always wear the right hearing protection when visiting a festival.


  1. Maintaining the music quality
    As a festivalgoer, you are most likely looking to see your favourite artists perform and to enjoy live music. You of course want to be able to hear this as well as possible. Did you know that music still sounds great with festival earplugs? The volume is just lowered, so you don’t suffer hearing damage. A win-win situation!
  2. Sufficient attenuation
    What you might not pay attention to initially, but what is the most important thing, is that the earplugs sufficiently attenuate the damaging noise. You can easily compare the sound attenuation of different hearing protects by looking at the SNR value. For example, the SNR value of our PartyPlug earplugs is 19.  A fantastic score, and according to a study by the television programme VARA Kassa even the top-scoring earplugs in a test they carried out in 2015!
  3. Audibility while talking
    Besides dancing, having a nice drink and enjoying the music, you’re likely to have many fun conversations at the festival. As such, it’s useful to be able to understand each other. The special filters in PartyPlug earplugs make sure that speech remains audible.
  4. Comfortable fit
    Silicon earplugs can irritate one’s ears. PartyPlugs don’t contain silicon, and the soft AlpineThermoShape™ makes them very comfortable.
  5. Your looks 😉
    Almost no one is ashamed to wear earplugs at a festival any more. Protecting your hearing has become perfectly normal. Still, it’s nice when you don’t have enormous eye-catching things sticking out of your ears. Especially not at a party. PartyPlug earplugs come in four neutral colours (transparent, white, silver-grey and black) and there’s almost invisible.


A common occurrence. You put your stuff in the locker at the site and realise you forgot your earplugs. Luckily, PartyPlugs are for sale at more than a hundred festivals in the Netherlands! Sometimes we have our own stand where we sell earplugs, or they are available via the merchandise stands or the organisation. Problem solved!

Laidback Luke

'My ears are my most important instrument. You suffer hearing damage sooner than you think. That is why you can’t start early enough with wearing hearing protection. I can’t bear to think of what it would be like if I could no longer enjoy music because of hearing damage!'

Umet Ozcan testimonial - Alpine Hearing Protection

Ummet Ozcan

'My ears are my career. Without my hearing I can no longer be a DJ. That is why I want to protect it as good as possible. I’m very curious to trying out the custom made earplugs from Alpine. '

Earplugs for festivals

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As a festivalgoer you have only one reason for going to festivals: enjoying! Especially your favourite music of course. Fantastic! But don’t forget to protect your hearing. That way, you...

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