Earplugs for musicians

On stage or in the studio

Wailing guitars, a kicking drum solo and a thrumming base – on stage or in the studio, there is nothing quite like the high of making music. It doesn’t matter if you do it on your own,  in a band or with an orchestra. Nor is it particularly important whether you’re a professional or an amateur . The enjoyment of making music comes first and foremost. And yeah, there should be some volume, right?

We recommend the use of good hearing protection.  The average drum set can easily produce 100 decibels. If you listen to this for longer than seven minutes, you risk incurring significant damage to your hearing. And given that the ear is the most important part of any musician’s body, it is vital to give it extra protection.

Unfortunately many professional musicians have already incurred permanent damage to their hearing. After one tour, Eric Clapton was really deaf for a while. And Ian McKay, roadie of the band Motörhead, was once quoted in a music magazine: “I have seen people in front of the stage twisting with pain. I even had to leave the hall because I got the feeling that my organs were being wrecked!” And this you do not want.

Paul (drummer) tells about his tinnitus

Earplugs for musicians

Hearing protection for musicians


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