Ear plugs for DJ's
The ear is your gear

Ear plugs for DJ's

Every DJ knows it: ‘the ear is your gear’. Without good hearing, it is practically impossible to make the right mix and get a full floor of nightclubbers grooving to your beats. And just like you mind your turntables as though they were your babies, we would also advise being very careful with your hearing. Avoid finishing a successful night of music-making with beeping or ringing ears and use appropriate hearing protection.

With our MusicSafe earplugs, your hearing protection is also completely assured. With the MusicSafe Pro you even get three different filter sets so that you yourself can determine the most suitable muffling for your hearing.

Our comfortable earplugs are made from a sustainable and  flexible thermoplastic substance. In this way, they always fit your ear perfectly and you can play your sets without interruption. The special design of the hearing protection prevents you from feeling shut off from the outside world.  The MusicSafe has been tested as the best by the Consumers Association. The MusicSafe Classic has two different filter sets, and the MusicSafe Pro three.

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Ear Plugs for DJs

Ear plugs for DJ's