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Hearing Protection for drummers

Keep your hearing after a jam session

Soft drumming requires a firm technique. And naturally you can do this as a drummer. However, it is also good fun to really let it rip on your drum kit, to really  give it your all on the hanging toms and the cymbals. And you’ll hear it. Not just your fellow band members, but you too. Of course it’s great, but sometimes it can also be too loud. So loud in fact that you run a risk of incurring long-term damage to your hearing. This starts with a temporary peeping in the ears after a practice session in the studio and ends up as permanent deafness. And as a musician, this is the last thing you want.

We want you to be able to keep to your rhythm and stay drumming without any damage to your ears. We have MusicSafe earplugs especially for drummers. The unique filters muffle only the high-frequency sounds. These are actually two volume buttons you wear in your ears. You hear the band’s sound completely, just a little more softly.

MusicSafe earplugs contain special acoustic filters. You can talk to other band members as normal. They are made from a durable, flexible thermoplastic substance and thus also fit the ear very comfortably. The unique design of the hearing protection prevents you from feeling shut off from the outside world. Our MusicSafe earplugs have been tested as the best by the Consumers Association. The MusicSafe Classic has two different filter sets, and the MusicSafe Pro three.