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ADE 2019: Alpine and Sam Feldt take on hearing damage

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The biggest dance event in the world is about to start! That’s why Amsterdam Dance Event, Alpine Hearing Protection, international DJ Sam Feldt and his record label Spinnin’​ Records are teaming up to raise awareness on the importance of hearing protection. The coming period, you will undoubtedly come across the slogan ‘Love the music. Protect your ears.’ A statement that Sam Feldt, known for his hits like ‘Post Malone’, is able to convey with conviction: “With high-quality hearing protection you’re not only taking good care of your ears, but you’ll also experience the music much better. Even in 10 or 20 years.”

Sam Feldt and Alpine: ‘Love the music. Protect your ears.’

You know Sam Feldt from international hits like “Show Me Love” and “Post Malone”. DJ’s and musicians like Sam Feldt can’t practice their profession without their hearing. That’s why Sam Feldt finds it extremely important to get this message across to his fans as well. “I think it’s important that everyone can still enjoy music not only now, but even in 10 or 20 years time. With high-quality hearing protection, you can enjoy music just as much or even more. At the moment, 20.000 young people suffer from hearing impairments each year. Together with Alpine, Spinnin’ and ADE, I want to prevent this number from going up even more.”

Hearing damage caused by music festivals: unnecessary

I am sure you have lain in bed with a annoying ring in your ears after a night out. Did you know that this is the first symptom of (permanent) hearing damage? Last year, Alpine commissioned market research agency The Choice to conduct research into hearing damage among people attending festivals. This showed that no less than 60 percent (!) of Dutch people have hearing problems after attending a festival or concert. In the research report, an ENT doctor described the number of young people with hearing damage as ‘shocking’. These figures are indeed worrying, but above all they are unnecessary. Hearing damage is easy to prevent. With high-quality festival earplugs like Alpine PartyPlug, you not only prevent a temporary or permanent ring, but you also enjoy a much better music experience.

Alpine earplugs available during ADE

Alpine has been ADE’s earplug partner for a number of years. Last year, Alpine was vocal during the annual ADE conference. This conference involved around 600 speakers. Björn Immerzeel, International Account Manager Festivals & Venues at Alpine, had the honour of discussing the importance of protecting your hearing, along with DJ’s Dave Clarke and Joris Voorn in a 40 minute panel discussion. Again the message was clear: ‘Love the music. Protect your ears.’ Alpine earplugs are, therefore, available at various points in Amsterdam during ADE. You can choose from a range of festival earplugs: Alpine PartyPlug and Alpine PartyPlug Pro Natural.

Stay informed
Arthur van Keeken, CEO of Alpine, is extremely proud of the collaboration with Sam Feldt, Spinnin’ and ADE: “By combining our international reach, we strongly believe that we will succeed in making dance enthusiasts aware of the consequences of hearing damage on a global scale and encourage them to wear hearing protection.”

The campaign ‘Love the music. Protect your ears.’ will start today and will also be visible during ADE. Don’t want to miss anything? Follow Alpine on Facebook and Instagram.