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10 affordable and original Christmas gifts

Reading time: 5 minutes

All I Want For Christmas Is… I’ve no idea! Do you also lack inspiration when it comes to great gifts for the holiday season? We’ve outlined a few – although we say it ourselves – original suggestions for you here. With these ideas, you’ll soon have a practical and unique gift for under the Christmas tree, even on a tighter budget. So, read on!

You’re sure to know someone who loves going to festivals, someone who’s fanatical about DIY or someone who likes to jet off to a far-flung destination every holiday. Then consider earplugs as a Christmas present. Not only are they an original gift, but you also help to make that night out, day of DIY or long-haul flight a lot more enjoyable.

Gift tip 1 – For the party animal

Alpine PartyPlug ($ 17.50)

Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves spending time in the pub, at clubs or at festivals? Then surprise him or her with a set of Alpine PartyPlug earplugs. We can already hear you thinking: “Earplugs on a night out? But won’t that spoil the fun?” Absolutely not. With filter earplugs, you’ll actually enjoy your evening all the more. Thanks to the acoustic filters, the sound level is reduced to a safe level, while the experience of the music remains unchanged. At the same time, conversations can still be easily heard. The earplugs can be used more than 100 times and are barely visible in the ear. The mini-box, which is included free of charge, can be attached to a key ring, for example, so you always have your Alpine PartyPlug close to hand. Any party animal will be delighted with this high-quality hearing protection!

Gift tip 2 – For the sleepaholic

Alpine SleepSoft ($ 17.50)

Did you know that you can also give someone the gift of a good night’s sleep? With Alpine SleepSoft earplugs, annoying, disruptive environmental noise is effectively attenuated. Many people find it easier to fall asleep thanks to sleep earplugs. But at the same time, you’ll still hear the alarm clock, doorbell or your children. The gift that every sleep-lover ‘dreams’ of!
New! SleepSoft earplugs now have a unique Minigrip. This handy grip makes removing the earplugs even easier. The Minigrip is small, inconspicuous and made of soft material, which ensures extra comfort. Also ideal for those who sleep on their side.

Gift tip 3 – For the adventurer

Alpine FlyFit ($ 17.50)

Is your search for the perfect Christmas gift targeted at a real globetrotter? Someone who loves travelling the world? Then why not give him or her a set of Alpine FlyFit earplugs? These multifunctional filter earplugs are the must-have for every traveller. First of all, the special filters in the earplugs regulate the bothersome pressure on the eardrum which occurs during take-off and landing. The filters function as valves and ensure a constant and even pressure between the outside world and the middle ear. The FlyFit earplugs also reduce annoying environmental noise and facilitate rest and relaxation during plane, bus, train and car journeys.

Gift tip 4 – For your little one

Alpine Muffy Baby ($ 29.95)

You’re sure to have come across him or her during a festival or event: the super cute Alpine Muffy Baby! Are you still searching for a gift for a mum or dad-to-be? Or for a baby’s first Christmas? Then the Muffy Baby is just the thing! Children’s hearing is fragile. And noise can cause damage more quickly than you might think. The Alpine Muffy Baby earmuffs prevent babies from suffering hearing damage. For instance, at parties, parades, festivals, fairs, during fireworks and car and motorcycle races. The soft elasticated headband will fit any baby. The headband is easy to adjust in length and has a handy Velcro fastening. Available in baby pink and baby blue.

Gift tip 5 – For kids

Alpine Pluggies Kids ($ 17.50)

Are you searching for a gift for someone between 3 – 12 years of age? Alpine Pluggies Kids earplugs always come in handy! They aid concentration (useful at school!), protect against loud noise and keep water out of the ears during swimming. Pluggies Kids earplugs are also suitable for adults with a smaller ear canal.

Gift tip 6 – For water lovers

Alpine SwimSafe ($ 17.50)

Anyone who frequently spends time in, on or by the water should actually keep a set of swimming earplugs with them as standard. An ear canal that is regularly exposed to cold, wind and moisture is extra susceptible to infection. What’s more, many people don’t like the feeling of having water in their ears. Alpine SwimSafe earplugs protect the ears from water, moisture and cold. Thanks to the special filters, all environmental sounds remain perfectly audible. So, a win-win situation! And therefore, also the ideal gift for under the Christmas tree!

Gift tip 7 – For the DIY enthusiast

Alpine WorkSafe ($ 17.50)

Let’s be honest: for those DIY lovers, a gift from the hardware store is really a little cliché. So, think out of the box and opt for a handy set of Alpine WorkSafe earplugs. What many people don’t realize is that just five minutes of drilling can cause permanent hearing damage. So, protecting your hearing during DIY is far from an unnecessary luxury. The WorkSafe earplugs attenuate harmful noises, but thanks to the unique filters, you’ll still be able to hear your DIY partner perfectly well. And with the extended grip on the earplugs, they are easy to insert and to remove from the ears.

Gift tip 8 – For the music connoisseur

Alpine PartyPlug Pro Natural ($ 39.95)

Are you searching for a gift for someone who attaches great importance to perfect music quality? Then opt for the deluxe Alpine PartyPlug Pro Natural earplugs with rectilinear filters. These filters attenuate all frequencies (pitches) equally, for an exceptionally high quality, natural music experience. The sound level of the average concert or festival is usually around 100 decibels. Alpine PartyPlug Pro Natural dampens the volume by 21 decibels, thus reducing the sound to a safe level. With this, you can enjoy a whole day (8 hours) of music, safe in the knowledge that your hearing is optimally protected. A must-have for anyone who loves festivals and concerts.

Gift tip 9 – For the music maker

Alpine MusicSafe Pro ($ 34.95)

Alpine MusicSafe Pro is the only hearing protection product for musicians with three different interchangeable filter sets for a low, medium and high degree of attenuation. These unique acoustic filters with selective attenuation guarantee optimum protection from harmful sound levels.

Gift tip 10 – For motorcyclists

Alpine MotoSafe Tour ($ 19.95), Alpine MotoSafe Race ($ 19.95) or Alpine MotoSafe Pro ($ 37.95)

Wind noise on the engine can damage the hearing within just a few minutes. Even the most advanced flip up helmets (regardless of the brand or price category) fail to provide adequate protection against wind noise, even at low speeds. This became apparent from a largescale helmet test, commissioned by the leading Dutch magazine Promotor. In contrast, Alpine MotoSafe earplugs do attenuate the harmful noise. Motorcycling with ear protection also offers several other benefits. First of all, you can concentrate much better on the traffic around you because you’re not distracted by the loud noise of the wind. Concentrating on the road also takes up more energy when you’re distracted by wind noise. With hearing protection, your motorcycling is not only safer, but also a lot more relaxed. The Alpine motorcycle earplugs are available in three variants. So, you can be guaranteed the perfect Christmas present for every type of motorcyclist!

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