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Thank you for choosing Alpine. We’re commited to giving you the best experience with the SoftSilicone. These earplugs are uniquely designed, and it’s important that you use and maintain them properly to get the most out of them.

Usage instructions

Step 1
Knead the plug firmly to heat the plug until it’s soft and easy to shape.
Step 2
Shape the earplug into a ball. Do not shape the earplug into an elongated shape.
Step 3
Place the ball on top of the ear canal’s opening and shape it with your finger until it seals over the ear canal.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why don’t my SoftSilicone earplugs never fully block out all noise? 

Our bodies conduct sound in two ways: through air, and bone. Our skull picks up vibrations which our eardrums process. This makes us perceive sounds despite our ear canal being fully sealed.

Can I re-use my SoftSilicone earplugs?

Yes, the earplugs can be re-used until they lose their stickiness or they are no longer hygienic to use. It’s recommended to clean your hands and ears before usage. This should make it possible to use the earplugs for at least 5 days. The longer the earplugs remain clean, the longer they can be used.

What is the best way to remove my SoftSilicone earplugs after use? 

Use your fingers to remove the earplugs. Apply light pressure on the outer ear from behind to loosen the earplug and slowly take it out. Please do not use any sharp objects to remove it.

What should I do if the SoftSilicone gets stuck in my ear? 

Please visit a doctor if the earplugs, or part of it, are stuck in your ear canal. Never use any sharp objects to take them out. Doing so can hurt your ears or push the earplugs even further into the canal.


For what applications are my SoftSilicone earplugs most suitable? 

The SoftSilicone is a multi-purpose earplug that attenuates noise and keeps out water. The most common uses are sleeping, concentration, and swimming. They can also be used while taking a shower.

Can I still hear well enough to have conversations when using my SoftSilicone earplugs while swimming? 

Conversing can be a bit difficult since the SoftSilicone attenuates sound up to 28 decibels. Most swimmers can still hear well enough to communicate. 

Are my SoftSilicone earplugs comfortable for side sleeping? 

The SoftSilicone earplugs are suitable for side sleeping thanks to the way it blocks sound. When properly applied, the earplugs should only cover the outside of the ear and don’t enter the ear canal. This way, it’s unlikely that you will experience irritation while laying on your side. 

Fit & Comfort

What can I do to make it easier to shape my SoftSilicone earplugs? 

Make sure you knead the earplugs properly to warm them up. When the material is warm, they become easier to form towards the shape of your ears.

How can I make sure my SoftSilicone earplugs will stay in place securely? 

We put a lot of effort in finding the optimal balance between stickiness and mouldability of the SoftSilicone earplugs. This means they are easy to mold towards the shape of the ear and stick well to the skin.

Are my SoftSilicone earplugs suitable for children or people with small ear canals? 

Yes. The SoftSilicone earplugs are developed to fit all ear sizes, including those of children. 

Is it okay if I make my SoftSilicone earplugs smaller by breaking off some of the material? 

It highly recommended to use the entire earplug to make sure it will cover your ears and prevent it from going into your ear canal too deep. 

Product and Material

Is the plastic storage box recyclable?

Yes. The storage box is made from PP material, which is 100% recyclable, You can simply dispose it with your plastic waste to recycle it.

For how long can I keep my unused SoftSilicone earplugs in the storage box? 

If stored in a closed box at a temperature below 30° C, the SoftSilicone earplugs remain functional up to 5 years.

Do my SoftSilicone earplugs contain any latex? 

No, the Softsilicone earplugs consist of 98,7% Silicone, 0,3% Aloe-vera and 1% Anti-bacterial Silver.

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