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MusicSafe Earmuff

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The light weight Alpine MusicSafe Earmuff is especially for musicians that are regularly exposed to loud music. For example, it muffles 25 dB of the sound created when playing drums. With this level of attenuation, your ears are well protected and you can comfortably play your favourite instrument! The earmuffs are ideal for practising, rehearsals, performances or music lessons. The headband is made of a soft fabric so you can wear it with optimal comfort. The soft ear surrounding cushions apply extra comfort to make sure your ears are comfortably protected. The sturdy and cool earmuffs are foldable and therefore easy to take with you to a music lesson, rehearsal space, studio or gig. The earmuffs fit drummers young and old because of the adjustable head band.

Unique product specifications

Comfortable hearing protection for musicians
Protects the hearing of musicians
Great passive noise attenuation of 25dB
Foldable, easy to take with you

Product Details


color Black earmuff
product measurements 120 × 100 × 175 mm

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