Earplugs for sleeping
Rise and shine again tomorrow

Ear plugs for sleeping

After an intensive but satisfying day, nothing is nicer than crawling into bed, leaving everything behind you and enjoying an undisturbed night’s rest. Just wonderful, right? Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. Noisy neighbours or a snoring partner are two of the top three annoying noises. Not just at home, but also in hotels or on campsites, for example.

Approximately one in five people in the United Kingdom have difficulty falling asleep. While your partner is slumbering away beside you, you are sitting up in bed, wide awake. Just one night of insufficient sleep won’t be a problem, however, if it is a regular occurrence, you should consult a doctor. Proper sleep promotes good health. The body rests and can repair itself. People who do not get enough sleep become tired and irritable more quickly during the day and are less able to concentrate.

There are various causes for sleeplessness. These range from brooding over problems to drinking too much coffee or a snoring partner.  You can read more about sleeplessness and chronic insomnia on our ‘Protect Your Ears’-Wiki page.

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Ear plugs for sleeping


Ear plugs to block out Snoring

A partner who snores. This is one of life’s greatest irritations and can lead to many problems. For example, it is one of the main reasons why couples sleep apart.


Ear plugs for a Good Night's Sleep

Research has proven it. Lack of sleep leads to psychiatric problems and health issues. You go to work tired, you don’t have the energy to get through the day, you lose concentration, are stressed and in bad humour and are gaining weight.


Ear plugs to block out Traffic Noise

Those who live in large cities or close to motorways find it a constant irritation: continuous traffic, day and night. In particular, the constant rumbling of freight trucks can cause noise pollution, including vibrating window panes.


Ear plugs for your hotel stay

City trips are an ever more popular way of enjoying a short break away. And for many businesspeople, a hotel room is almost a second bedroom.


Ear plugs for at the hospital

Staying in hospital is never much fun. You’re lying there with a broken leg or rib and there is noise all around you.