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Earplugs for your hotel room

Enjoy a well-deserved good nights rest

City trips are an ever more popular way of enjoying a short break away. And for many businesspeople, a hotel room is almost a second bedroom. After a day at a museum or wandering through the city, or at the end of an intensive day at the stock exchange or trade fair, your hotel room is a good place to wind down and relax and to enjoy a blissful sleep. Unfortunately excessive noise is one of the top three annoying things about hotels. Whining air conditioners, doors slamming or loud laughter in corridors can very quickly interrupt your well-deserved sleep.

If you want to enjoy your night’s rest in your hotel room undisturbed, then use our SleepSoft earplugs,   made of durable, flexible thermoplastic material and they are extremely comfortable to wear. Through the heat of the ear, the earplugs shape themselves to fit the auditory ducts very quickly. Tiny open channels in the filters prevent pressure differences and ensure that there is no sense of being shut off from the outside world. You sleep well without an irritating pressure in your ears.

The SleepSoft earplugs do not completely shut off your ears, but muffle annoying noises such as traffic on the street or the television blaring two rooms away. Naturally you can still hear your alarm clock.