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Is it bad to sleep while wearing earplugs?

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We all know someone in our circle who is able to sleep anywhere and in any position. Upright in a chair, folded in an airplane or upside down on a sofa. Sometimes that makes you wonder: how and why can’t I do that? Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with this special ‘gift’ and most people need more to fall asleep. That is why nowadays, more and more people sleep while wearing earplugs. But isn’t sleeping with earplugs in harmful for your ears?

Not being able to sleep

Tossing and turning, counting sheep, not being able to fall asleep or going inside over the noise of the neighbors or a snoring partner. It sounds sleeplessness, the medical term of which is insomnia. There are different types of insomnia and the causes are diverse. Examples are tension and stress, consequences of alcohol consumption or physical or hormonal complaints. Sometimes the cause is hard to identify or the insomnia is caused by certain habits.

The fact that insomnia results in discomfort and may have serious consequences for daily life, is certain. Therefore, it’s not hard to imagine why you would look for insomnia treatments or products that attempt to improve your sleep. There are various types of sleeping earplugs, being foam earplugs, earplugs with a filter or custom made earplugs. The effect and use may vary significantly. In our wiki you can obtain more information about that.

Don’t worry: harmless

Of course you will try out sleeping earplugs to get rid of your insomnia symptoms. This means that you will probably where them consistently. And when you put something in your ear on a daily basis, it’s only logical to wonder whether it is dangerous, harmful or bad for your ears and whether it involves any risks. A logical question, but you don’t need to worry. There is no risk whatsoever involved in wearing earplugs on a daily basis, as confirmed by ENT doctor Sietske Meinesz. If you take proper care of the earplugs and clean them regularly, there is no reason to be worried. It is not bad or harmful.

Daily hygiene

When using earplugs on a daily basis, hygiene is essential. It is recommended to clean earplugs with a filter and custom-made earplugs on a daily basis using lukewarm water and soap. In addition, the Alpine SleepSoft, earplugs with a special soft filter, comes with the Alpine Cleaner. This is a clearing bracket that allows you to remove earwax from the earplug. This will increase the lifespan of the earplugs, plus provides more hygiene for your ears.