Ear Plugs for a good night's sleep

Take care of yourself, take care of your sleep

Ear plugs for a good night's sleep

Research has proven it. Lack of sleep leads to psychiatric problems and health issues. You go to work tired, you don’t have the energy to get through the day, you lose concentration, are stressed and in bad humour and are gaining weight. Sleep apnea, or lack of sleep, takes a heavy toll on our health More and more people are experiencing lack of sleep and are looking for a solution.

Often the right earplugs provide the answer to sleeplessness, for example with a snoring partner or if there is a lot of noise, from traffic or your neighbour’s house. Our special SleepSoft earplugs allow you to enjoy an uninterrupted night’s sleep and you feel fit and healthy the next morning.

Our earplugs are made from a sustainable and  flexible thermoplastic substance. They adapt to fit your auditory canal and are thus extremely comfortable. The special filters muffle environmental noises, but you can still hear a baby crying or the alarm clock. Do you want to get up every morning feeling fit and healthy? Then use our SleepSoft earplugs for an uninterrupted night’s rest.

Ear plugs for a good night's sleep, wake-up refreshed. 55
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Ear Plugs for a good night's sleep
Ear Plugs for a good night's sleep

Ear plugs fo a good nights sleep