Earplugs for swimming

Enjoy the water without water in your ears

Water can enter your ears when swimming or taking a shower. Do you also find this a very unpleasant feeling?  Water in your ears can even cause severe pain. To prevent water from entering your ear while swimming, practicing water sports or taking a shower, you can use special earplugs.

Earplugs for swimming

Swimming is fun, but water in your ears isn’t. That’s why there are special filter earplugs which prevent water from entering your ears. They also reduce the chance of ear infection. And they also suppress the loud noise in busy swimming pools. Because make no mistake, these loud noises can also cause hearing damage! Special filters allow you to understand someone when they are talking to you. That’s useful. Earplugs for swimming are also ideal for water sports. They are for example used a lot by kitesufers, waterpolo players, sailors, and wave and wind surfers.

Surfer’s ear

As a water sports enthusiast, you spend a lot of time outside on the water. This means that your ears are regularly exposed to wind and cold. Many water sports enthusiasts therefore develop surfer’s ear. Because of the irritation that the cold and wind cause to your ear canal, your ear starts to protect itself by creating extra bone in the ear canal. This narrows your ear canal. The effects of this narrowing of your ear canal are:

  • More frequent ear infections and/or earache;
  • Reduced hearing;
  • Hearing loss;
  • Dirt in your ear, which gives you the feeling of being underwater.

Luckily, surfer’s ear can be easily prevented by wearing earplugs you’re out on or in the water.

Water causing earache for your child

Does your child suffer from an earache after swimming? This occurs among many children. After swimming, the ear canal is warm and damp. An ideal environment for bacteria. This can lead to ear infection. That’s why this kind of infection is also called swimmer’s ear. It is therefore sensible to have children wear earplugs while swimming. This prevents earache afterwards. There are special earplugs for children that prevent water from entering their ears. Also useful to bring along on holiday, because having your child develop an ear infection on holiday is the last thing you want.

Earplugs for swimming and watersports


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