Action On Hearing Loss

This English-language hearing test is from the official hearing foundation in England. The test is safe and extremely user-friendly.

Free Hearing Test

Simple but yet effective hearing test for young and old at different tone scales. Check out their simulated hearing loss as well.

UNSW Hearing Test

The test features tones from 20 Hz to 16 KHz. You click until you can barely hear the tone.

Hear the world

Can you hear the world? This hearing test is developed in conjunction with Phonak.


By playing 4 tones at different Hz you can check out if your hearing is good. Do the test in a quiet location.

The Hearing Test

It will give you a good indication of how well your ears perform when trying to separate speech and background noise.

Better Hearing Institute

How good is your hearing? Do this quick test and you will know within 5 minutes…

Starkey hearing test

Simple hearing test using a number of questions and sounds.