Causes of Tinnitus

Temporary damage to the hearing is incurred when you hear a beeping, buzzing, ringing or hissing sound in your ears after a concert or fesitval. Your brain has been forced to process to much sound and thus produces sound itself. At least, this is what it feels like because you are the only person to hear that sound.

Watch and listen to the short film below to get an idea what ringing and buzzing in the ears entails.The medical term for this is tinnitus. In the night-life scene, this is also known as ‘disco ears’. You can also recognise temporary damage if a little loudness is already painful. This is called hyperacusis.

As soon as you are bothered by this, you must use hearing protection to prevent this damage from becoming permanent.

Look at the infographic below for an image of tinnitus. The patient experiences sounds like buzzing and whistling. The most important action to take is prevention. You can find five tips to prevent tinnitus here.