About us

We’ve been changing the hearing game for over 30 years – this is our story.

The world has gotten louder. It can be overwhelming at times and it’s not too good for your ears either. We put you in control of all the noise. Whether it's your kids (be quiet!) or your favorite band (play louder!). Your ears can count on us. And we’re not just saying that. The proof is in our products. We are Alpine. We believe hearing is your most valuable gift.  


How it all started

Founded in 1994 in the Netherlands, Alpine pioneered hearing protection by offering reusable, filtered earplugs to the general public.

From custom solutions for professionals to a wide range of premium ear care products, we’ve got every ear covered.

Whether you’re a musician, biker, festival-goer, or someone seeking a peaceful night’s sleep, you can count on us to protect your ears.


“Caring for your hearing should be as simple as brushing your teeth. Our goal is to set new standards, ensuring a better sound experience for everyone.”

Arthur van Keeken

Chief Executive Officer


Own The Volume

We’re on a mission to make healthy hearing easy for everyone. We educate, stimulate, and donate to fulfill our societal responsibility. Our collections are straightforward and desirable, helping you protect your ears and "Own The Volume." Our commitment extends beyond products; we aim to shift the global narrative on hearing health. Alpine raises awareness, protects over 1.3 million sets of ears annually, and promotes preventive care.

Excellence in Design and Recognition

Our team is obsessed with innovation, continually improving for perfection. With 30 years of experience packed into less than an inch, we put all our knowledge into everything we make. Inspired by our Dutch roots, we blend design with durability, ensuring each product meets the highest quality standards. This dedication has earned us several prestigious Red Dot Design Awards, pushing the boundaries in ear care.



We proudly engineer from three beliefs:  

Belief 1 - Small habit, big gain A small routine can make all the difference. We are here to help you look after your ears. It’s as easy as brushing your teeth. Wherever you are. Whatever you are doing.   

Belief 2 - Look good, feel good, sound good. Alpines are thoughtfully designed to unite style, comfort, and protection. Our innovation ensures that wearing earplugs becomes second nature, allowing you to look good and feel safe effortlessly. 

Belief 3 - Availability is key The best plugs are the ones you have with you. That's why Alpines are reusable, available everywhere and come with a smart carry case. 


Where To Find Us

Alpine’s reach is global, available on our website, major online marketplaces, renowned retail stores, and over 100 festivals and high-profile events worldwide. Our products, celebrated in 65 countries, are bolstered by partnerships with industry giants like F1, Mojo, and Live Nation, making our impact truly worldwide.

Alpine throughout the years.


Alpine was founded in 1994 by Bert van Beek, his daughter Lisette, and Peter de Roode. With Bert's expertise in hearing protection and Peter and Lisette's marketing background, they aimed to raise awareness about hearing damage, starting with customized earplugs for professionals in the Netherlands.


Alpine quickly stood out for its customer focus and innovation. We pioneered with soft custom made earplugs with interchangeable filters, showcasing our commitment to innovation.


Our breakthrough was UniFit, the first universal filter earplug. Initially designed as a temporary solution for professionals awaiting custom earplugs, it quickly met huge demand. This success led to the development of an international distribution network.


We began our international expansion by focusing on the European market.


Our focus on the consumer market began in 2010, leading to groundbreaking innovations. We launched products like PartyPlug, SleepSoft, and Pluggies Kids, designed for all ages and various situations.


We made our mark by selling our first earplugs at a festival.


We launched our own webshop to expand our direct-to-consumer reach and accessibility.


Introducing Muffy Kids! Our first earmuff especially designed for little ones.


We proudly won the Red Dot Award for eight of our products.


We expanded our range with the introduction of Muffy Baby.


Vendis Capital joined us to further support our growth.


We strengthened our position in clubs and venues with Thunderplugs. Next, we expanded globally by acquiring Acoufun in France, establishing a strong presence in hearing protection at races worldwide.


We proudly joined forces with Formula 1, MotoGP, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


We proudly launched our new retail packaging, making it more sustainable and eye-catching.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we introduced a new earplug called SleepDeep.


By introducing 30 new products, we offer the right hearing protection for every age and occasion.


Leading in hearing protection, our products are recognized across retail sectors in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and the UK. We pride ourselves on collaborations with major retail chains.


We achieved certification as a B-Corp. By reinforcing our commitment to healthy hearing, we aim to make a meaningful impact on society and the environment with our products.


Building on the success of the 2017 Muffy Baby, in 2024 we introduced an improved ear muff. This new model fits better, is more comfortable, user-friendly, and safer. Plus, it looks nicer.



We've launched Alpine Calm, a product line combining design, comfort, and optimal noise reduction. This earplug is both stylish and highly functional. Alpine Calm is the first in this series, with more versions to come.


We’ve proudly joined forces with Indy500.


Strong Team

As a company devoted to healthy hearing we make sure everyone that works for and with us has the same goal; changing the hearing game. Next to that, our one of our biggest priorities is a strong team where everyone should feel supported in their personal growth and health. We are proud of our A-team making sure that you take good care of your hearing everyday.


Our Impact and Vision for the Future

Driven by innovation, sustainability, and awareness, we have come a long way, and this is just the beginning. We're on a mission to make healthy hearing accessible to everyone and won't rest until ear care is second nature. By providing next-level ear care products for every occasion and ear type, we are nurturing a new generation of healthy ears.

Together we take care for a new generation of healthy ears.

Enjoy sound your whole life

Alpine hearing protection Earplugs earmuffs protect your ear red dot award Muffy Baby Muffy Kids Pluggies Kids
Alpine hearing protection Earplugs earmuffs protect your ear red dot award Muffy Baby Muffy Kids Pluggies Kids
Alpine hearing protection Earplugs earmuffs protect your ear red dot award Muffy Baby Muffy Kids Pluggies Kids