Children's hearing is sensitive, so it's important to protect those little ears. Our new and improved Muffy Baby turns each roar into a whisper.

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What makes this earmuff unique compared to others on the market?

What truly sets the Alpine Muffy Baby earmuffs apart is their ergonomic, adjustable design made specifically for growing babies. The headband is angled to provide an anatomically correct, comfortable fit for little ones. The Velcro adjustment straps on the front and back sections of the headband offer a personalized fit that accommodates babies as they grow into toddlers and then preschoolers up to age 4. This adjustability ensures a snug, secure fit throughout those rapid growth years. Combined with an excellent 24 dB noise reduction capability, a lightweight and slim profile, safety certifications, and a fresh color selection, the Alpine Muffy Baby offers unparalleled hearing protection in a kid-friendly, adaptable design that stands out from other infant earmuff options.

Is the Alpine Muffy Baby safe for my baby?

Yes, the Alpine Muffy Baby is CE and ANSI-certified, meeting the highest safety standards. It has been thoroughly tested and approved by both parents and babies.

Can my baby wear hearing protection all day?

While it's safe to use hearing protection, it’s important to give your baby regular breaks to prevent discomfort. Use the earmuffs primarily during loud events. We recommend wearing the hearing protection for no more than 3 hours per day and 90 minutes at a time.

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