Get ready for the festival season 2024: tips, tricks, and must-haves

Get ready for the festival season 2024: tips, tricks, and must-haves

Festival Season is knock knock knocking on Alpine's door! For both festival newbies and those in need of a refresher, we've put together a list of tips and essentials. So you're fully prepped for the 2024 festival season.

Camping Gear

Heading out camping? Brave! Then a tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping mat are essentials. But also consider bringing along a picnic blanket, gazebo, portable stove, and a camping chair for that extra bit of comfort. Sometimes, you just want to chill and enjoy the music in a cozy spot. A foldable blanket or lightweight chair can make all the difference, allowing you to relax and recharge before diving back into the festivities.

Earplugs for Festivals and Concerts

No surprise here: festivals are loud! You've only got one pair of ears, so take care of them. Because the ringing in your ears after the party (tinnitus) lasts forever. That’s why you should bring a pair of PartyPlug or PartyPlug Pro earplugs. These earplugs come with special filters that ensure perfect attenuation of all harmful sounds while maintaining sound quality. And conversations remain intelligible (some say even clearer at a festival than without earplugs!).

Sleep Earplugs

Sleeping at a festival site can be challenging, yet you need your rest. A few hours of sleep can make a huge difference. So it's wise to bring a set of sleep earplugs like the Alpine SleepDeep, SleepSoft, or SoftSilicone earplugs. These can help you get the rest you need! To enhance your sleep even further, consider bringing an eye mask, especially if you’re heading to bed after sunrise!

Sun Protection

Just like protecting your ears, you also need to consider sun protection. It would be really annoying to get sunburned on the first day and suffer for the rest of the weekend. Sunscreen is a must. Make sure to bring enough, especially for multi-day outdoor festivals, or you might end up looking like a lobster. Forgot to apply at some point? Make sure to have a hat or cap to at least protect your face.

Reusable Water Bottle

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, especially as temperatures rise. A reusable water bottle is your best friend and is easily refillable at the water stations on-site.

Chargers and Power Banks

Of course, you don't want to miss a single moment or the opportunity to share it, so make sure you have enough charging options and a fully charged power bank to keep your phone running smoothly throughout the festival. A ready-to-use power bank ensures you're always reachable (handy if you lose your friends!) and can capture the best moments. And hey, if you're already snapping those fantastic festival shots, don't forget to share your experiences with us (#OwnTheVolume). We might just share your moments on our socials!

Personal Care

At a festival, it's all about the music, atmosphere, and being together, but let's be honest: by the last day, personal hygiene can feel like a luxury from another life. For some, a bit of grunge is part of the charm, but many of us prefer to maintain some level of freshness. A simple solution like a pack of baby wipes in the morning can make a world of difference, refreshing your body and mind and partially washing away the previous night. The portaloos are a notorious part of the festival experience - not exactly pleasant, but with good preparation and a mini bottle of disinfectant gel, you'll survive. Don't forget to pack your toiletry bag with care and hygiene products to keep yourself fresh. This includes shampoo, shower gel, baby wipes, a toothbrush, and toothpaste.


Festival season equals freedom and unforgettable moments, but good preparation is key to truly making the most of it. With these indispensable tips and essentials, you're fully equipped to rock every festival. Whether it's protecting your ears with our specially designed earplug bundle or maintaining your hygiene with a well-stocked toiletry bag, you're all set for the challenges and energy of the festival season. Remember to fully enjoy, share your unique experiences, and above all: take good care of yourself and those around you. Let's make the 2024 festival season legendary together!