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Discover the comfort of SleepDeep, earplugs specially designed to enhance your night's sleep. Their unique oval 3D shape fits seamlessly into your ear canal. This smart design ensures the earplugs stay firmly in place, regardless of your favorite sleeping position – whether you're on your side, back, or stomach!

SleepDeep earplugs are equipped with a soft, noise-reducing core, promising a significant reduction in environmental noise and snoring. With a noise reduction (SNR) of 27 dB, they are an ideal choice for anyone seeking a quieter sleeping environment.

These sleep earplugs are made from AlpineThermoShape™, an innovative thermoplastic material developed by Alpine. This material is not only silicone-free (ideal for sensitive skin) but also adapts to the unique shape of your ear. The result? A soft, comfortable fit that stays in place all night long.

Give yourself the rest you deserve. Try SleepDeep today and experience the difference in your sleep quality.

Since ear canals vary in size and shape - a factor that can significantly influence the fit, sound-blocking efficiency, and comfort of earplugs - SleepDeep offers earplugs in several sizes. The SleepDeep Mini is suitable for anyone with smaller ear canals. Not sure which size will best fit your ear? Try out different sizes with our SleepDeep Multi-Size pack that includes both the Mini as well as the Regular (M/L) earplugs.


Enjoy sleeping again

Unique oval 3D shape

The world is becoming louder and louder. Sleeping well determines your performance and how you feel. For many people, a good night’s rest is affected by distracting noise from their surroundings. SleepDeep, the latest generation of sleep earplugs, was developed by collecting consumer insights and feedback for two years and translating that to a perfect product. This number 1 sleep earplug on the market offers the ultimate combination of comfort and high noise reduction.
Highest possible reduction of noise from surroundings and snoring
Oval shape that matches the natural shape of the ear canal
With sound-absorbing core


Step 1
Slightly pull up your ear and insert the earlugs
Step 2
Insert the earplug in your ear canal (not too deeply)
Step 3
The oval shape should follow your ear canal

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

I have very small ears and normally there are no earplugs that fit. The Alpine minis are perfect!

DeepSleep Earplugs are Great value and an excellent product!

I've dedicated considerable time and effort to find earplugs capable of silencing my partner's snoring. My journey has led me to invest in custom-made earplugs for $300, Bose earplugs at $369, and, most recently, Quieton 3.1 earplugs, which cost $430 after return fees. Among these options, the Alpine plugs stand out, significantly reducing the snoring noise. Yet, they do not fully eliminate it. My extensive experience has taught me that no earplug can completely block out snoring; the only true solution seems to be the physical separation provided by a second bedroom and two closed doors. Save yourself the time and expense: choose Alpine SleepDeep. They're user-friendly, comfortable for side sleepers like myself, and prove that everything else unfortunately is a ripoff.

Massive relief

I have bad neighbours and have tried so many different ear plugs. I received these sleep deep ear plugs and when I looked and felt them my heart dropped. They looked cheap to be honest. So I sat on my bed and put them in whilst banging from my neighbours was happening and was totally aghast.
Couldn’t believe how silent it was.
I have suffered so much through other people’s cruelty and thank god I bought these. The price of the ear plugs are very cheap in comparison to the many out there. If you lick the top of the ear plug, lift your ear slightly and should be easy to plug in. I am going to buy more in case I lose one of them. Everybody is different with fitting etc but so highly recommend !! ;)

Great little thing

I bought it from a reseller in Hungary in mini (S) size. These are definitely a better fit than foam earplugs and are a lot more comfortable to sleep in too. They don't filter everything (that would also be too dangerous) but I can sleep well since I bought them, event though we have a downstairs neighbour who has dementia and wakes up in the middle of the night and starts crying and mumbling on a high pitched voice. I used to sit on the side of my bed sleepless because of her. I track my sleep with an application and since using these my sleep quality improved drastically. It's not 5 stars because I can still somewhat feel them in my ear and sometimes need to adjust them a little when sleeping on my side, but it's a few second fiddling and a minor inconvenience. By far the best earplug I tried for sleeping. Bonus: you can actually clean them unlike the foam ones that you have to throw away.

Best ever ear plugs

Never ever have I had any sleep when I go away with my boyfriend untill I discovered ALLINE SLEEP DEEP
They really truly are amazing well worth a try

Product Details

Attenuation table SleepDeep

Frequency Hz631252505001000200040008000
Average noise reduction value dB24.425.924.125.726.232.037.942.4
Standard deviation dB3.
Expected noise reduction value in dB (APV)20.522.119.720.821.72733.635.7

Extra information

User instructions

Insert the earplugs in your ear canal before you go to sleep. Pull the ear slightly up and insert the earplug into your ear with the other hand until it fits firmly into place. Removal is easy with the aid of the soft removal tag. Do not insert the earplug into the ear too deeply. Incorrect insertion, incorrect use or failing to follow the user instructions limits effective noise reduction, increases the risk of hearing loss, and reduces the service life of reusable earplugs.


color White earplugs with purple filter
ean code 8717154027242
package measurements 0.75 x 3.23 x 4.72 inches
size M
weight 1.06 ounces
Alpine SleepDeep - Declaration of conformity