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Formula 1® Racing Pro Earmuff

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The Formula 1® Edition earmuffs are ideal for protecting the ears during car races. With a carefully thought-out attenuation level of 18dB (NRR), so you are protected while still enjoying the race. The earmuff is adjustable and also foldable for easy storage. Fits both children and adults.

Premium hearing protection
at all racing circuits

The N°1 earmuff for race fans

Noise levels at F1® races are loud enough to potentially cause hearing loss. At the loudest spot, the peak noise levels are almost 140 decibels. This means that chronic hearing damage can be done in just few seconds! These high-attenuation Formula 1® Racing Pro earmuffs are the ideal ear protection for watching races on circuits.
Great passive noise reduction of -18dB (NRR)
Adjustable & foldable for adults and children
Protects hearing and improves the racing experience

Enjoy your race

Racing Pro Formula 1® earmuffs are official licensed product

As a spectator at major motorsport events, your hearing will be put to the test. Noise canceling headphones are essential to enjoy the race safely. Take advantage of our exclusive range of F1® hearing protection. Coming to the race soon? You can find our booth at almost all races.

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Product Details

Attenuation table Formula 1® Racing Pro Earmuff

Frequency Hz631252505001000200040008000
Average noise reduction value dB15.412.615.624.233.433.436.035.5
Standard deviation dB3.
Expected noise reduction value in dB (APV)12.39.813.


color Black earmuff with white lettering
ean code 8717154027587
size M - L
Alpine Formula 1® Racing Pro Earmuff - Declaration of conformity