Motorcycle Rides: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Earplugs

Motorcycle Rides: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Earplugs

Choosing the right earplugs for your motorcycle ride

Riding a motorcycle is a blissful escape for many. But the faster you go, the louder the wind noise becomes. That's why it's crucial for riders to wear hearing protection. It's all about preventing damage and ensuring you return from your ride relaxed and unharmed! Whether you opt for basic foam earplugs, universal earplugs, or custom-fitted ones, there's a suitable option for every rider.

Foam earplugs vs. universal filter earplugs

When people think of earplugs, the standard foam type often comes to mind first. They're a simple, effective solution for one-off use or for beginners. These earplugs are affordable and block out harmful noises, but they do have drawbacks compared to motorcycling filter earplugs. Foam earplugs are generally not reusable, less hygienic, and block out so much sound that you might not hear ambient noise or conversations around you.

On the other hand, filter earplugs like the MotoSafe Tour or MotoSafe Race might cost more upfront but offer optimal protection without completely blocking out other sounds. With filter earplugs, you can still hear your bike, conversations, and traffic clearly. Plus, universal filter earplugs are far more durable than foam ones. They can be reused over 100 times, are easy to clean, and are made from high-quality materials for greater comfort.

Harmful wind noise, even with a helmet

Did you know that wind noise while riding can be loud enough to cause hearing damage? That's what happens when you ride with a helmet but without earplugs. At speeds of 100km/h (about 62 mph), the noise can reach 100dB! At that level, you're only safe for about 5 minutes. The safe limit is 80dB.

Interested in learning more about sound levels and the 'safe zone'? Check out: What is a decibel and how are sound levels measured?

Universal filter earplugs

Once you start exploring earplugs, you'll quickly realize there's a wide range of options. It often begins with a universal filter earplug without interchangeable filters. However, there are also universal earplugs with different levels of noise reduction and types for various riders (touring/racing).