Earplugs for music

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“No less than half of Dutch people suffer from hearing complaints as a result of loud music, while only 16 percent wear earplugs preventively.” – 2017 Alpine study among 3.200 festivalgoers.

Music in clubs, at a concert or at a festival: the louder the better! But did you also know that the sound in most nightlife settings is so loud that you’re at serious risk of hearing damage? We’re all for enjoying music and doing fun things, but do protect your hearing. We know what you’re thinking: can these two things be combined? Certainly! Here you’ll read how exactly.


Isn’t it a waste to wear earplugs during a concert by your favourite artist? Or while going out? Can you still really enjoy the music? With PartyPlug earplugs with special acoustic filters you certainly can! Not only does the quality and perception of the music remain optimal, but you can also still have a conversation. Furthermore, the earplugs are comfortable and are almost invisible in your ears.


Luckily, more and more people are aware of the risks of loud music when going out. However, most people still don’t wear hearing protection. Maybe you’ve had a ring in your ears after going out? This is also called tinnitus. Really irritating, right? In the first phase, the ring often goes away after a while. But the next time, it takes longer for the ring or buzz to disappear. It could also be the case that you already hear less when there are many people talking around you. At a certain point, the hearing damage is permanent. You’ll then always hear the ring to some degree. And you hear less well. You’ll also notice that very soft noises sound very loud to you and hurt your ears. You are then oversensitive to sound. This is called hyperacusis.


At Alpine Hearing Protection, we think it’s important that everyone can keep enjoying music and going out. That’s why we have special earplugs with filters, which ensure that the music doesn’t distort and that the music perception remains fantastic. That’s why you can buy Alpine PartyPlug earplugs at more and more festivals and concerts!

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Earplugs for music

Earplugs for music


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