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Nightclubs, festivals, concerts and dance events. The United Kingdom has a rich tradition. From the ‘T in the Park’ festival and Isle of Wright to the Glastonbury Festival and WOMAD. Nothing beats listening to and dancing to the music that you love. Every year the United Kingdom host hundreds of music festivals attended by thousands of music lovers. And the number of concerts, festivals and dance events is only getting bigger. Good news, of course.

Not only is the number of music festivals increasing, but also the volume at nightclubs, festivals and in concert halls. The decibel gauge often reaches 80 decibels very quickly, and even exceeds it. When Prince performed during the 2009 North Sea Jazz Festival, one concert-goer noticed the levels reached as high as 115 decibels on the sound metres. Artists such as Phil Collins, Barbra Streisand, will.i.am, etc. have tinnitus as a result of years of performing.

We are happy to allow everyone to enjoy music. However, not when it is so loud that it starts to hurt the ears and forces people out of the venue, or when the music is blasted out of the speakers and is distorted and you wonder if this really is the sound and high-quality music of your favourite band. And how often do you go home from a nightclub, festival or concert feeling a bit dazed and confused and with a ringing sound in your ears?

There is a very good reason for why more and more musicians, roadies and sound and lighting people are commonly wearing hearing protection. If you would like to know more about this, go to our ‘Protect Your Ears’-Wiki page. Here you can order your own earplugs directly.

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