When we plan on working on DIY projects, we protect ourselves with work gloves, sturdy footwear and safety goggles. Unfortunately, we often forget about our hearing. Drilling a hole in a wall easily causes 110 decibels worth of noise, a sound level that can cause lasting noise-induced hearing loss within the space of a single minute. We offer hearing protection for every situation designed with your specific situation in mind. Discover our earplugs for DIY below.
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Earplugs for hobbyists and professionals

Alpine DIY earplugs are available in two variants: universal earplugs and personalised earplugs (otoplastics).
The noise reduction value is the biggest difference between universal earplugs and otoplastics. Universal DIY earplugs are equipped with a filter that deadens hearing loss-inducing noise and are made from a material that takes the shape of your ear canal. To create otoplastics, an exact copy of your auricle is made. You can choose from three filters with varying noise-reduction values. In addition to filter earplugs, we also offer foam earplugs, an easy and affordable way to protect your hearing. Foam earplugs are not reusable and close off the ear canal completely, making conversations difficult to follow. Check out our product page and find out what earplugs are recommended for your

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Premium earplugs made in the Netherlands

We use the best and most durable materials and have done extensive research to create the most comfortable DIY earplugs. All our products are conceived, designed, and manufactured in the Netherlands. International character merged with Dutch design: we are proud of that!