Riding a motorcycle gives you a sense of freedom. And whether you are a speed devil, prefer to go on a great day tour, or cover long distances on your motorcycle every week: safety and comfort must always come first. We offer hearing protection for every situation designed with your specific situation in mind. Discover our products for motorcycle riders below.
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On the road, safely and comfortably

Do you experience tinnitus or ringing ears after riding your motorcycle? It is caused by the high volume noise to which you are exposed. The sound of the wind, in particular, is high enough even at relatively low speeds to cause hearing loss. Moreover, it also tires you more easily. And when you are tired, you are less alert in traffic. In short, it is important to protect your hearing carefully while riding a motorcycle. Whether you go to work on your motorcycle every day or just go on longer rides every once in a while. Hearing loss can be caused by a single ride.

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Premium earplugs made in the Netherlands

We use the best and most durable materials and have done extensive research to create the most comfortable festival earplugs. Most of our products are conceived, designed, and manufactured in the Netherlands. International character merged with Dutch design: we are proud of that!