Earplugs for Kids

More fun for the children!

Ear plugs for Kids

Children playing. They run and fly all over the place, have the best fun ever and make a whole lot of noise. Sometimes that noise can be just a little bit too much for those little rascals. In swimming pools and during physical education classes, for example, noise can reverberate in every direction. And because of this noise, children quickly become over-excited and lose their concentration. There are very strong reasons why it is recommended that children with ADHD, for example, are managed in as quiet an environment as possible.

Children’s ears are more sensitive to extremely loud noises than adult ears. In some cases there can even be hyperacusis, which is very high sensitivity to noise. Children with this condition can experience physical pain if the noise is too loud for them. Children who are extremely sensitive to loud noise often have concentration problems and can suffer from chronic fatigue.

Ear plugs For Kids: More Fun For The Children 44
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Ear plugs for Kids