Earplugs for motorcyclists
Enjoy the wind in your face, not in your helmet!

Ear plugs for Motorcyclists

There’s nothing like a motorcycle tour or open-top car excursion through the Scottish Highlands, with the wind blowing through your hair. Nothing gives the feeling of freedom quite like a motorcycle or an open-top car. The United Kingdom now has more than 1.3 million motorbikes and almost half a million inhabitants have a motorcycle licence. The number of open-top cars currently circulating in the United Kingdom is unknown. But look around on any sunny day and you will see plenty of them passing you by. And whether this is a hard or soft-top car, or an old Saab or brand-new BMW 3-series, it makes no difference. Drivers of open-top cars get an incredible sense of freedom on the road.

Experienced motorcyclists know the importance of wearing good hearing protection while out on a trip. At a speed of 100 kilometres (60 miles) per hour, the wind noise under the helmet can quickly get as high as 94 decibels. This is harmful after just fifteen minutes. The same more or less applies to open-top cars. At a speed between 80 and 112 kilometres (50 to 65 miles) per hour, the sound caused by the wind created by driving can reach as much as 110 decibels, approximately the same as the noise level of a drill. If you expose your hearing to this for longer than seven minutes, you will definitely incur damage to your hearing.

Earplugs for motorcyclists and bikers motosafe
Earplugs for motorcyclists

Good earplugs not only prevent damage to the hearing, they also ensure that you remain focused and do not tire so quickly when driving. The use of hearing protection in traffic is and remains a hot topic. Read more about the use of earplugs in traffic on our ‘Protect Your Ears’-Wiki page. Order your own set of earplugs here directly.

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Ear plugs for Motorcyclists