Motorcycle earplugs

No more wind noise in your helmet

After motorcycling, do you have problems with ringing in your ears? This is due to the noise to which you are exposed. In particular, even at relatively low speeds the rushing of the wind is already enough to cause hearing damage. In addition, the noise means you become tired more quickly. And if you are tired, you are able to concentrate less on the traffic. In short, it is important to protect your ears on the motorcycle properly. Whether you use your motorcycle to get to work every day, or just do an occasional tour. Hearing damage can occur in just one ride. And the damage is irreversible.

In this overview you can see for each speed, how long you can ride without risk of hearing damage.

Speed Average volume of wind noise under a helmet              Maximum time without risk of hearing damage
100 km/hour 94 dB 15 minutes
120 km/hour 98 dB 7 minutes
140 km/hour 102 dB 3 minutes
160 km/hour 106 dB 90 seconds

Filter earplugs for motorcyclists

Alpine MotoSafe earplugs damp the harmful sound. The volume is reduced to a safe sound level, without an enclosed feeling. This is due to the special filters. You still hear the traffic around you adequately. Your navigation or intercom also remain audible.

Universal earplugs

There are universal Alpine motor earplugs with medium attenuation and with heavy attenuation. The Alpine MotoSafe Tour with medium attenuation is used for tours, holidays and on the motorway. The Alpine MotoSafe Race for the motorway, the circuit or with an open helmet. Would you like more attenuation on one occasion than another? Then choose the Alpine MotoSafe Pro. Then you have two full sets of earplugs, with medium attenuation and with heavy attenuation.

Comfortable for under your helmet

Alpine motorcycle earplugs are super comfortable under a helmet. The new Alpine MotoSafe filter earplugs are the only ones on the market with soft filters. The flexible AlpineThermoShape™ material of the earplugs contains no silicones. This means they don’t itch, irritate and sweat. The material moulds to your ear canal for optimum fit and attenuation.

Motorcycle earplugs

Hearing protection for motorcyclists


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