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Experience superior comfort and sound with ClearTone ear plugs. Perfect for work, music events, and DIY projects. Need help fitting or switching filters? No worries, we've got you covered. Watch our instruction movie and check our FAQ for answers. Enjoy top-notch comfort and sound quality. Try ClearTone now and experience sound your way!

How to use:

1. Insert the Earplug
Hold the end of the earplug between your thumb and forefinger. Pull the top of the ear slightly upwards and insert the earplug with your other hand.
2. Secure your fit
Push gently or twist slightly until the earplug fits securely. Do not insert it too deep into ear canal.
3. Check your fit
The earplug fits correctly if it seals the ear canal without moving or hurting you. Try a different size if it doesn't feel right. Watch the video above for clearer instructions.

FAQ everything you need to know


How often can I re-use my ClearTone earplugs?  

The ClearTone earplugs can be used approximately 100 times. Cleaning them on a regular basis can help extend their usage period.

How do I keep my ClearTone earplugs clean? 

It is recommended to regularly clean the earplugs with mild soap and lukewarm water. Dry them off after cleaning. 

What is the best way to remove my ClearTone earplugs after use? 

To remove properly, carefully pull at the filter of the earplug that is sticking out.

What do I do if my ClearTone earplugs get stuck in my ear? 

It’s recommended to visit your doctor in the event that this happens. Never use any sharp objects to take them out, to avoid pushing them even further into the canal.


Can I still have a conversation while wearing my ClearTone earplugs? 

Yes. Although partly attenuated by the filter, speech will still be clear.

What is a linear filter and why is this better than other filters? 

Linear filters attenuate sound without distorting it. Thanks to this, the ClearTone takes off the sharp edges of the sounds you’re listening to without affecting the quality.

For what situations are my ClearTone earplugs most suitable? 

The ClearTone earplugs are multi-purpose, meaning that you can use them in various situations. Enjoy them while studying, going out, playing music, working with loud equipment, traveling, or for dealing with noise sensitivity!

Could I use my ClearTone earplugs for sleeping? 

We do not recommend using the ClearTone earplugs for sleeping. The hard linear filter that is present in the earplugs can cause discomfort in your ear canal.They also do not block sound as well as earplugs without filters. Check out our SleepDeep earplugs for an alternative which is more suited for sleeping.

Fit & Comfort

How can I make sure my ClearTone earplugs fit properly and don’t fall out? 

It’s important to carefully follow the instructions to find your size (see video above) and to make sure you insert them properly. While using, your body heat will help mold the earplugs to the shape of your ear canal. 

Are these earplugs suitable and safe for children to use? 

The ClearTone earplugs are suitable for children from 3 year old or above, provided that the right size earplug is used and applied following the use instructions.

What if size S is still too big and size L is still too large for my ears? 

Every ear is unique in size and shape. With the 3 sizes included in the pack, we aim to have the right size for everyone.

Product and Material

Can I purchase a single ClearTone earplug? 

Unfortunately up to this moment we are not selling single parts (tips or filters) separately. We advise you to use your travelbox to avoid losing your earplugs.

Do my ClearTone earplugs contain any latex and/or silicone? 

No, ClearTone earplugs are made from Alpine’s ThermoShape Plastic material. They do not contain any latex and are silicone free.

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