Amplify your clubs & venues offering

At Alpine, we elevate the club and venue experience by ensuring that every beat and note is felt, not just heard. Our commitment to hearing protection transforms typical nights out into safer, immersive listening adventures. With our pioneering sales solutions such as the cashless vending machines strategically placed within venues, the access to high-quality Alpine earplugs is seamless and effortless. By partnering with Alpine, you offer your visitors the best experience: the ultimate auditory experience and protection that keeps them safe and coming back. Let’s work together to keep the party going all night long, without missing a single beat.

Our vending solutions

For clubs and venues, Alpine offers the cashless vending machine for seamless transactions and the compact vending machine for smaller spaces. Both provide easy access to premium earplugs, enhancing visitor safety and experience effortlessly. Choose the best fit to elevate your venue’s experience.

  • Cashless vending machine

    Our cashless vending machine is a customer-centric solution for hearing protection with high rotation for increased volume. The machine offers an upsell opportunity for higher quality products. With no upfront investment needed and easy integration into any space, it's the perfect way to prioritize customer hearing and boost revenue

  •  Compact vending machine

    Introducing our compact vending machine designed specifically for clubs and venues. This vending machine is available with either a token or cash mechanism, providing a convenient and self-service solution for your patrons.

  • Earplugs at your bars

    Introducing our compact dispenser designed for festivals featuring the Alpine PLUG-IT! earplugs or the Alpine PartyPlug earplugs. The dispenser includes 100 sets of earplugs in a compostable zipbag.  

    MOQ: 200 sets