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Alpine Muffy Baby

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Protect your baby's precious hearing with our new and improved Alpine Muffy Baby earmuffs! The earmuff is specifically designed for babies and toddlers up to 4 years, these baby ear defenders provide outstanding hearing protection with 24 dB noise reduction. The Muffy Baby ear defenders provide proven 24 dB noise reduction and are CE & ANSI certified to ensure your baby's safety.

The updated design is easier than ever to put on, with a contoured headband and soft Velcro to ensure a perfect fit as your baby grows.

Our new Muffy Baby earmuffs are even cuter, with a thinner, flatter design that fits little ears perfectly. Available in five adorable colours, they're ideal for any outing.

The Alpine Muffy Baby ear defenders are essential for parents who want high-quality hearing protection for their baby or toddler. They're ideal for ensuring your baby has a quieter, safer environment, whether at home or on the go. Add Alpine Muffy Baby earmuffs to your list of newborn essentials today!

Improved Alpine
Muffy Baby Hearing Protection

New and improved hearing protection for the little ones

Muffy Baby is designed to comfortably protect your little one from the loud noises of the outside world. Your baby's hearing is particularly sensitive because it is still developing. The Alpine Muffy Baby earmuffs reduce exposure to harmful noise during the first years of life.
Certified and proven noise reduction of 24 dB (SNR)
Easy placement of the earmuffs due to the innovative angle
Designed to avoid pressure on the baby’s soft spot

Safe and comfortable

A safe protection for your little one requires high levels of comfort and continuous product innovation. We pay great attention to every detail. That’s why, for the updated Muffy Baby earmuffs, we collaborated with parents and tested the product on babies to create the optimal version of the Muffy Baby. The pre-defined angle of the headband ensures the earmuffs stay in place and are easy to put on. The Muffy Baby now attenuates up to 24 dB! Additionally, they last up to 48 months, providing extended protection for your child. Take the earmuffs along in the convenient travel bag and embark on new adventures together.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
I wish I had discovered this sooner

I wish I had discovered this sooner!!! Such a lifesaver. My son slept like a baby on the airplane. This is the best product I have ever bought online!

Mr Jack D L Scott
Great for travel

They seem very comfy and provide good noise protection. Baby was very happy and slept fo most of the plane journey!

Excellent gift for baby

Bought muffy baby as a gift for my nephew. And of course, we had to try them out right away. My nephew fussed a bit when putting on the earmuffs, but he was totally fine with them once they were on. He kept them on and didn’t try to take them off. This weekend, he’s going to watch his first soccer game. The muffy earmufs are definitely coming along!

Great product, for parents ánd baby

Very happy with the purchase of the new Muffy Baby! We were already users of the old version and the new fit is even better! Goes everywhere with him like restaurants but also birthdays, so his hearing is well protected. Plus point, it also looks very cute ;)

New muffy baby

This earmuffs are fantastic! The new design is super easy to put on and it fits perfectly on my niece's head. The flat design also looks very cute and sits comfortably on hear tiny ears. I highly recommend this earmuffs for anyone looking for high-quality hearing protection for their little one.

Product Details

Attenuation table Alpine Muffy Baby

Frequency Hz631252505001000200040008000
Average noise reduction value dB14.511 13.4 22.2 30 30.3 35.1 35.3
Standard deviation dB 4.6 4.2 2.8 2.9 4.7 3.5 3.4 5.3
Expected noise reduction value in dB (APV)9.9 6.8 10.6 19.3 25.3 26.8 31.7 30

Extra information

Complies with European & USA safety regulations

Alpine Muffy Baby headphones is the leading hearing protection for babies and toddlers with CE and ANSI mark. This means the earmuffs meet all the legal requirements of the European Union and USA in the field of safety, health, and the environment.

Certifying Body: PZT GmbH
Certifying Body Number: 1974
Certification Date: 26 May 2024


package measurements 6.06x3.54x6.5 Inch
size Small (infant ear muffs)
Alpine Alpine Muffy Baby - Declaration of conformity