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Earplugs for scuba diving

Whether it concerns your first trial lessen with a large scuba tank on your back in the pool during a wonderful vacation in Egypt, an entire diving holiday or simply in the ocean, diving is a wonderful experience. Of course, there are differences in experiences in terms of location and possibilities. Entire scuba diving trips are organized in which you can get your diving license. That is entirely different from snorkeling with your goggles and snorkel at the surface of the sea, watching the fish. But one thing always applies: you’re in the water. And since people often have issues with water in their ears, earplugs can be the answer when diving up to a certain depth.


Swimmers ear and earplugs

Because you are in contact with water when swimming and diving, water will get into your ears. Some people can have serious discomfort because of this, or are extremely susceptible to ear infections. In that case, swimming with earplugs is recommendable. If you want to do more than swimming, like diving, a certain pressure is applied to the ears. Especially when you go scuba diving to watch the deep ends of the waters, you’ll be much farther under the water surface.


Diving and ear ache

When diving from the top plank, wearing earplugs, the earplugs may fall out when you hit the water. That is not recommended. But when you stay in the water and grab a rock here and there under water, our Alpine SwimSafe is suitable up to 1 meter under water. But if you are a true professional, diving on vacation with professional scuba gear, descending meters and meters under water, the use of earplugs is not recommended. This has to do with the pressure on the ear drums, which can cause serious ear ache. More information about this is available at Divers Alert Network.