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Noise disturbance during your holiday: this is how to tackle it


What has for years been the biggest annoyance among holidaymakers? Noise disturbance! Studies carried out by Alpine Hearing Protection and holiday review website Zoover show that in 2018, noisy fellow travellers are one of the main annoyances of holidaymakers. How do you deal with this during your holiday? And are there any solutions? We’ve figured it out for you!


Especially the main party destinations popular among young people have a bad reputation when it comes to noise disturbance. It is also surprising that the popular big cities of Paris and Rome are in the top 10 holiday destinations with the most noise disturbance. Whether you’ve booked a sun, sea and beach vacation or a city trip: each holidaymaker can face noise disturbance.


Taking matters into your own hands

The steps above should hopefully lead to a solution of the disturbance you’re facing. But let’s be honest: you’re not exactly excited about these time-consuming procedures when on holiday. Our tip? Take matters into your own hands! Be prepared for the fact that you can experience disturbing noise during your vacation, because you are after all never alone in a hotel or at a campsite. And whether the disturbance is caused by rowdy children, partying youngsters or construction work taking place right next to your hotel, there’s actually only way to mute these distractions. With good earplugs!


Filter earplugs for on holiday

When you think of earplugs, you probably think of the standard foam plugs which you can put in your ears. But did you know that there are also special filter earplugs for each situation, which are far more comfortable and only attenuate annoying or harmful noises? For your holiday as well, Alpine offers a number of specific filter earplugs.


Earplugs for in the airplane
Are you departing for a distant, sunny destination this summer? Then your holiday probably already starts in the airplane. The holiday fun actually already starts when you settle into your airplane seat. Unless your fellow travellers are noisy. Annoying? Not if you’re carrying a set of travel earplugs! The filter in these earplugs attenuates the bustle of your fellow passengers and the rumbling noise of the airplane engines. Speech remains audible, so you can comfortably discuss the holiday plans with your travel partner. Time for a nap? Go for it! The earplugs are comfortable even when lying on one ear. The filters in the Alpine FlyFit earplugs furthermore prevent the painful pressure on the eardrum.


Earplugs for in your hotel room or at the camping
Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can really start enjoying your holiday! You can finally catch up on some sleep in your hotel or at the camping. Unless the neighbours throw a spanner in the works. Good sleeping earplugs prepare you for noisy hotel rooms or snoring fellow campers. The Alpine SleepSoft earplugs have high attenuation and are made of soft material which shapes itself to your ear. Just like the Alpine travel earplugs, they have flexible filters which are ideal for side sleepers. Did you set the alarm for an early road trip? Don’t worry, you won’t sleep through it. The alarm remains audible.


Earplugs for a good (beach) party
Are you actively seeking out noise during your holiday? For example, during a cool beach party? Then avoid bringing a permanent ring in your ears back home as a souvenir! Enjoy the music but do wear hearing protection. The Alpine PartyPlug filters the harmful noise. The musical experience and conversations remain well audible. The earplugs fit comfortable all day and night and are almost invisible.


Earplugs for at the pool or on the beach
Noise disturbance isn’t only annoying during holidays. Pain and irritation are of course also not what you’re looking for. That’s why you apply sunscreen to prevent getting burned. But do you in addition to your skin also think about protecting your ears? Bacteria and fungi in swimming water can cause an infection of the ear canal. That’s why you should pack Alpine SwimSafe earplugs and the Alpine Pluggies Kids for children up to 12 years of age. The earplugs keep the water out of your ears so you can enjoy a carefree swim.

Conclusion? Alpine earplugs are a must-have on holiday! They help you enjoy your well-deserved rest during your holiday.