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Formula 1® Radio / Bluetooth Earmuff

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The Formula 1® radio Earmuff is really enjoyable to wear thanks to its comfortable fit. Thanks to its AM/FM radio receiver, you can follow the race without missing any of the action. This Earmuff is capable of bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to listen to audio on your phone or any other bluetooth enabled device. Enjoy listening to music on the go, talking on the phone (thanks to the integrated earmuff) or watching movies on your computer with this earmuff.

The number 1 hearing protection
at all race circuits

Formula 1® Bluetooth Radio Earmuff

Take advantage of our exclusive range of official hearing protection.
Improves race experience
Live Commentaries
Bluetooth, microphone, AM/FM radio earmuff
Adjustable & foldable

Enjoy your race

Formula 1® Radio / Bluetooth earmuffs are official licensed product

Noise levels at Formula 1® races are loud enough to potentially cause hearing loss. At the loudest spot, the peak noise levels are almost 140 decibels. This means that chronic hearing damage can be done in just few seconds! These high-attenuation Formula 1® Racing Pro earmuffs are the ideal ear protection for watching races on circuits.

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color Black earmuff
ean code 3760197460533
package measurements 6.73 x 3.90 x 5.67 inches
Alpine Formula 1® Radio / Bluetooth Earmuff - Declaration of conformity