Why do Surfers and Swimmers Need Earplugs?

Why do Surfers and Swimmers Need Earplugs?

Water sports are an amazing way to exercise! Being one with the waves and tackling whatever Mother Nature throws at you can be truly invigorating. But there is an unseen danger: the effect of cold water and wind on your inner ear. Of course, having water in your ears is uncomfortable, but not everyone is aware of the serious dangers it can cause: Surfer's ear.

What is Surfer’s Ear?

There's a condition commonly known as 'surfer's ear', which is caused by prolonged exposure to (cold) wind and water. It can lead to exostosis, where abnormal bone growths develop that can cause hearing complications. Surgery is usually required to remove this, so prevention is better than cure. Earplugs are the first line of defence, protecting your ears from the elements and reducing the risk of these conditions.

Water Out, Sound In

Most water sports enthusiasts want to be in touch with their surroundings. Being in the water can be relaxing and even meditative. As you synchronise with the rhythm of the waves, staying connected to your environment is preferred by most. Malleable earplugs such as wax or SoftSilicone are great at keeping water out, but they also create a 'blocked' feeling by muffling sound. Luckily there are more options!

Alpine WaterSafe Pro earplugs are engineered with a hydrophobic mesh filter that keeps water at bay while allowing you to hear essential sounds. This means you can hear the call of fellow surfers and swimmers, while simultaneously protecting your ears. Win-win!


What is the right type of earplug for surfers?

When you’re out surfing, and the waves are just *chefs kiss* you probably aren’t the only one in the water. That’s why it’s important that earplugs for surfers not only provide protection and stay firmly in place but also the ability to hear others surrounding you. We suggest opting for earplugs that are made to keep water out while still permitting sound to enter. The WaterSafe Pro earplugs deliver on this promise, equipped with a dual-layered ear tip and a water-repellent mesh filter, making them the perfect selection for surfers.

What is the right type of earplug for Open Water Swimmers?

Open water swimming is an activity quickly gaining in popularity. It’s not only a great form of exercise but for a lot of people also a form of relaxation and even meditation. Open-water swimmers enjoy the benefits of cold-water exposure and being out in nature. They usually swim for prolonged periods, which increases the chances of ear problems. Especially in combination with the colder conditions.

Choosing the right earplug for you

Amidst the thrills of surfing and swimming, comfort is key. You are out there to enjoy yourself, not to be annoyed by gear that’s irritating or uncomfortable. Ill-fitting earplugs can detract from the experience and even become a distraction. Besides, when an earplug doesn’t fit well it does not protect well (enough). So, wanting a snug fit and earplugs that stay comfy, even with prolonged use are most likely on top of your list.

Community Tested, Ocean Approved

Alpine isn’t just about product innovation; it’s about community. We’ve rigorously tested our earplugs together with the water sports community to ensure they stand up to the test of the tides. Our test team of swimmers and surfers helped us refine key product features to ensure the WaterSafe Pro earplugs are the best water sports earplugs we could create! .

Whether you’re carving through waves or counting laps in the pool, having the right earplugs is an essential part of your kit. They ensure your focus remains on enjoying the sport, not on discomforts or potential risks. So, before you dive into your next adventure, make sure you're equipped with the earplugs!