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Cord for earplugs

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When you frequently insert and remove your Alpine earplugs, it may be practical to attach them to a cord. Alpine has developed a useful cord that can be purchased separately.

The cord easily snaps to the earplugs. Since the cord is attached to the side of the filter, the filter is not closed off and it will not affect the performance of the filter. The cord is an Alpine exclusive. The thin, black, and flexible cord is elegant in its simplicity and easy to store


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With the cord, you can easily insert and remove your earplugs without having to put them down somewhere. You can simply let the earplugs dangle from your neck. For even more security, you can also put the cord through the loop of, for example, your jacket or wetsuit, so that you will never lose your earplugs. The cord is perfect for people who often insert and remove their earplugs, musicians during rehearsal or performance, children who are prone to lose their earplugs, during work activities which require earplugs on-and-off, and while surfing.


color Black cord
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size Universal

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